What's New With Beige?

As we struggle to recount all the developments of the past few months, here's what's coming up:
lots of shows by Paul B. Davis, 8-Bit Construction Set, & the entire BEIGE posse in the UK - check the events page for more details.
The 8-Bit Construction Set repress is d.o.n.e. - however we aren't selling them retail on our site at the moment, so check out TurntableLab or Forced Exposure among other fine stores. most distribution is being done through Groove, but stores and other distros are welcome to give us a holler
the 2004 cassette jockey world championships have been postponed till later in the fall...
and the B.I.G. news is that LektroLAB is producing a series of workshops in London and all over England which will have Paul [among others] teaching you the ins and outs of Circuit-bending, DJ'ing and VJ'ing. check the LektroLAB site for more info

11-03 through 06-04
this is an extremely quick update [first in seven months] to say thanks to the whitney biennial, the royal festival hall in london, the guggenheim nyc, resonance fm london, rotterdam film festival, wobblyhead records, and all the other people, events, and venues which have been nice enough to support our work recently. big update coming in the next couple days, but watch out for:

-- 8bit construction set finally repressed
-- 2004 cassette jockey world championships
-- beige @ the liverpool biennial
-- new 8bit/paul b. davis 7"

watch out for cory's video night at dietch projects in nyc next month, also he's in a show in massachusetts called "microrave" starting mid nov. pbd moves to london this month and plays at the pudel in hamburg and back to london the next night to play at the garage [oct 19th & 20th]. cory has something at ocularis on brooklyn on the 3rd too. other upcoming shits to watch for: pbd in london late nov and early december with live/dj stuff and a video night
check da events for more infos

not much happening this month...pbd getting ready to move to london and wobblyhead finished the mastering for their series of 7"s [one is by one of us]

super duper word up to everyone who supported, attended, saw, taped, participated, and rocked out at our 2003 "summer of html" tour. cory arcangel is hard at work on the tour documentary which will be screened at the Tate in London later this sep.
stuff in the works...kaiju cart, pbd 7" for wobblyhead, limited edition 8-bit construction set re-release...
cory has some stuff going on in texas & baltimore. also pbd + lektrogirl in hamburg & london mid-october more info tba. check the events page for confirmed stuff

cory arcangel/beige stuff opens july 9th at the institute for contemporary art in london as part of their "radical entertianment" exhibit.
paul b. davis heads back to london. if you know the deal when caps get peeled you'll be at the asylum on july 19th.
slowly planning this august tour with paperrad which is right around the corner.
letting kaiju big battel use some tracks and also still working on their special nintendo hack.
also still putting together the 8-bit/bodenstandig 10". really trying to focus this time.
and we have a new site for the art stuff at http://www.post-data.org/beige.
i know i forgot some stuff. more later.

just more thanks...to lumpen and their freedom festival where dj spin-laden played records after watching a very brave girl in a dress made entirely of fireworks explode. and to foxy productions in brooklyn where some beige and paperrad art just closed [and got mentioned in the nytimes].
beige stuff opening at team gallery in manhattan late june

wow. thanks to everyone in england, including but not limited to seed records, anna moulson/melting vinyl, resonancefm, wheelsinsteadofhooves. the seed tube station party was great, brighton was beautiful [and we had an atari 520e and roland 606 donated to us...jeah], resonancefm was down with everytthing and offered pbd a monthly show "residency" [still to be worked out], and one londoner called the wheelsinsteadofhooves thing "one of the best tuesday nights in london i've ever seen".
going back asap.

much many thanks to version>3 festival posse, cassette battle contestants, judges, attendees, and bodenstandig 2000 who rocked camp gay. congrats to CJ Pinch Rolla from Evolution Control Committee who took first place in the 2003 battle. also apologies to everyone who came to see 8-bit construction set play at the warp tour in chicago. it wasn't our fault and if it was up to us we would have played for longer than 15 minutes. also here is the paul b. davis npr interview.

pbd interviewed in the chicago sun times, coming out on sunday march 23rd. also just taped an interview for chicago's npr affiliate wbez, will air on the morning program 848 hopefully thursday. lots of hype for the version festival, bodenstandig 2000/8-bit construction performances, and cassette battle.

also updated schedule is below:

OK time for excitement, in chicago at the end of march is the Version>3 Festival which we're participating in again. live performances, workshops, the 2nd world champ cassette battle, and we're bring over our good friends BODENSTANDIG 2000 again (first time in the states since 2001)brief scehdule:

  • march 26th (wed) - dj drx (bodenstandig 2000, rephlex) and dj spin-laden with others for the opening party at sonotheque, 1444 w. chicago, 10pm
  • march 27th (thurs) two things: 1. beige workshop at the museum of contemporary art. we'll show you how to make nintendo carts and bust nets and order pizzas. 2. beige shit going on with the warp tour stop in chicago: 8-bit construction set live with dj bitch ass darius (n.e.s. records, databass records) and dj pbd. for this event warp specifically requested that bodenstandig 2000 not be allowed to play, however at the show there will be a few extra members of the 8-bit construction set who for some reason speak german...in smartbar with andrew weatherall; plaid and prefuse73 and "warp dj's" on the main stage at metro.
  • march 28th (fri) - 8-bit construction set show at the museum of contemporary art. this one is more for the museum audience...aka trying to fit as many people as possible on stage [bodenstandig 2000, paperrad, auxillary members of the wu-tang clan] and rocking some live HTML (since we invented new media art).
  • march 29th (sat) - the big shits - the 2nd annual beige cassette jockey world championships. see who's the best CJ in the whole world in 2003. after-party with Bodenstandig 2000 live (rephlex), 8-bit construction set (beige), gay nerds (paperrad), voltage, the potions, dj cor-dawg [cory arcangel], and more. this is b2000's only scheduled live show so far, and possibly the first ever 8-bit live show with all 4 members present.

    in other news we've started work on a limited edition 8-bit nintendo cartridge for kaiju big battel. more info soon...

    ny times feature arts article talked about beige stuff, had a picture of cory's "super mario clouds" cart on the front page. links and scans coming...
    for those who already suspected - it's been confirmed: the 8-bit construction set song "dollars" appears on dj q-bert's wavetwisters dvd. possible 8-bit/q-bert future collab being discussed.
    feb 23rd, chicago - pbd live with lord of the yum yum and j+j+j, at the prodigal sun

    january 13th it's dj's pimp hand paul and baby boo at danny's in chicago with ledeuce and ray_rod. get ready to step.
    feb 7th - illegal art festival in chicago...dj spin-laden in the house with evolution control committee
    feb 15th - litterthugz crew in st.louis is throwing a prom, entertainment provided by tom doctor (organist for the st.louis blues hockey team) and 8-bit construction set dj cougar shuttle.

    it's december, and you know what that means - select media festival!
    thurs dec 5th opening night with pbd dj'ing + warmdesk, spectralina, twine, douggpound and others
    fri dec 6th - not any of us but still go
    sat dec 7th dj spin-laden with our friends the extreme animals (paperrad), lord of the yum-yum, flashbulb, n lots mo' [this is all in chicago btw]
    also pbd interviews paperrad-a-dudes for the the new issue of select magaazine, available at the above mentioned festival.

    also in chicago, beige presents a NetBuster (tm) prototype at the Stray Show as part of the deadtech gallery space. and watch out for big time new years party at Camp Gay with
    occasional detroit, jeremy jacobsen [lonesome organist], the potions; hosted by baby boo [yah]

    and also again cory's "i shot andy warhol" nintendo cartridge is showing at the american museum of the moving image in nyc andsome art exhibit in rome. more info coming...

    thanks to edmar again for a happening lumpenwave. watchout now for beige representing at the Language & Encoding Festival in buffalo nov 7-8th. the potions are playing, pbd is dj'ing, cory arcangel is doing something, and beige taking on paperrad in an "art battle".

    also in chicago ledeuce + co. are putting on another loop show at buddy gallery. pbd dj's along with live stuff from rik shaw, bobby conn, sons of the sun, the colonel, and others.

    also cory is dj'ing some nintendo stuff at tonic in nyc on thursday the 24th, 11pm.

    beige has been contacted by the ny times for an article about "art collectives". upcoming interview in modsquare and an article in the new lumpen (#87). speaking of lumpen #87, the release party is sat. nov 2nd at the congress theater in chicago featuring paul b. davis in a new incarnation with dj ledeuce as "the potions". also with superstars of love, jordan zawidah, the nerves, trs-80 and others. tix are $10 in advance at weekend records, $12 at the door (potions go on at 9:15).

    been busy writing some shit for vice magazine...also hit up Concur on sep 7th presented by a bunch of people including but not limited to ray_rod and hefty records. linup is perspects, t. raumschmierre, telafon tel aviv, dj jordan zawidah and dj pbd. also pbd track 4:30am is going to be on the new monotonik mix cd.

    the 8-bit construction set is no carried by groove distribution in chicago. tom moody reviewed the pretty ep (too bad it's sold out but you can still download mp3's)...and aug 30 at heaven gallery and the new buddy space in chicago is the release party for select magazine #4. performances from beige associates dj rad and housemaster bert.

    peep the paul b. davis/cory arcangel photo essay on the hottest computer hacker fashions for the fall 2002 season in the upcoming select magazine. 8-bit construction set is finally working on a follow-up to their self-titled ep/battle record...right now it looks to be taking the form of the nintendo cartridge like they've been talking about for 2.5 years but never did.
    and beige has been invited to take part in the "Language and Encoding Symposium" at SUNY Buffalo in November. so watch out for that.

    okie-dokes. pbd "pretty" ep's are G-O-N-E. our good friends at N.E.S. records have released NES-004, Bitch Ass Darius' "Ghetto Techno" EP. it's good. thizznanks to edmar and the mca for an enjoyable solstice festival (and thanks to spetronix + selena for the ride home). lots of stuff in july. among others:
    the new york visitation -
    july 12th - 14th is the 4th Hackers On Planet Earth in NYC conference which we're attending.
    july 13th - pbd @ the knitting factory opening for extreme animals
    july 15th - pbd dj's at the plant bar, nyc
    back to chi-town -
    july 26th - dj pbd opens and closes for occational detroit at the empty bottle
    july 27th - pbd with cougar shuttle and ledeuce and tons of others at lumpenwave

    cassette jockey championships video being edited, life sucks die magazine is working on a story. wonder which will come out first.
    pbd dj's at viaduct on may 29th, was going to dj at Odom on may 16th with Occasional Detroit and Service Anxiety but had to cancel day-off due to illness (sorry).
    upcoming june stuff:
    friday, june 21st - opening at Bitforms in NYC of new Beige nintendo cart hacks.
    saturday, june 22nd - pbd dj's at the chicago Museum of Contemporary Art's solstice festival.

    much thanks to edmar and version>2 festival posse. and much thanks to all the cassette battle competitors, judges, and attendees. andy ortman aka CJ Idea Thief was the winner but he cheated but who cares. congratulations to all, especially CJ Larry from detroit who placed second and CJ Freakface from the ill-west chicago suburbs who placed third.
    also thanks to everyone who came early to see pbd play before misty martinez and magas at the empty bottle, and to todd bailey, empty bottle sound guy extraordinaire..
    Select magazine/Version>2 festival readers are available everywhere with lots of goodies...pbd interviews dragan and kaiju, 8-bit construction set programming manifesto, and lots of actually good writers - geert lovinck, institute for applied autonomy, lev manovich, etc.

    8-Bit Construction Set re-presses are back in stock. 8-Bit/Bodenstandig 2000 10" and Beige compilation cd are within sight.
    also a busy april is coming in chicago with beige heads + drx of b2000 and rob ray of deadtech speaking on a panel for the Version>2.0 festival at the museum of contemporary art on april 18th, paul b. davis live at the empty bottle on april 19th, and the beige 2002 cassette jockey world championships on april 20th at camp gay.

    pbd live at the empty bottle april 19th (check events)
    thanks to stltoday for the cougar shuttle article and to thumb magazine for the nice review (to be posted)
    also a belated thanks to the river front times for naming the 8-bit construction set as the Best Use of Obsolete Computers in 2001.
    pbd interviews kaiju and drx of bodenstandig 2000 in the upcoming Select magazine.

    quick update:
    due to constant inquiries, 8-bit's are being re-pressed.
    check the beige carnivore client.
    we're organizing the 2002 Beige World Cassette Jockey Championship. website is up, it's on for april 20th in chicago in association with the Version>02 festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.
    and lots of secrets and tba's...won't spill the beans till a bit later...

    More interviews! Beige Make-World interview is here and here.
    Select magazine pbd interview is here.
    mo' thanks to select magazine for the interview and entertaining release party at heaven gallery in chicago on dec 8th. and thanks to rob ray for hooking up some beige stuff at the stray show.
    coming up:
    -- 8bit c64 track on matthew herbert ep in spring
    -- new 8bit track on gomma, also in spring
    -- 8bit/b2000 10" (remasterd for the third time) also in spring. we're a bit proud of this one, as it keeps to our pattern of releasing all songs at least a year behind schedule.
    -- beige programming ensemble crew working on possible article for a fancy pants computer art book (more tba)
    -- and (this is important) beige is sponsoring the FIRST EVER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CASSETTE TAPE "DJ" BATTLE. late spring, more info very very soon
    -- SUPERBROWN - biggie one off with all the BROWN dj's is coming feb 16th

    Art on Paper review coming soon.
    Life Sucks Die pbd interview coming soon(big up twin cities).
    muchas gracias to dj ledeuce who put on a very, very slow 16-style show at heaven featuring pbd. thanks also to eyebeam atelier museum in nyc for their continued support of The Upgrade lecture series, our man about town cory arcangel gave his on the 28th to an enraptured (?) audience. Not too much else happening at the moment as we try to figure out exactly whats going on in 2k2.

    short news for oktober -
    beige posse is just back from munich and the Make World festival. merci buckets to Olia Lialina, Florian Schneider, Dragan Espenschied, and everyone else who rocked the party that rocked the body. folks in and abouts munich are encouraged to swing by Lothringer13 gallery to check out beige's work - part of lothringer's "Artist as an Expert" exhibition...also with work by herbert franke, jennifer reeder, entropy8zuper, and marko peljhan.

    also watch out for Art on Paper's article on beige's ASCII silkscreens + some hints about future work in the upcoming november issue...

    Thank you thank you to all who turned out for BROWNs 5 and 6, respectively. we're taking a break for the meantime to gear up for Beige's first european appearances so no more BROWNs for a while (sorry). speaking of which, 8-Bit Construction Set live in munich on October 20th at a micromusic event, and Beige Programming Ensemble crew will be in effect at the Make World Festival with an exhibition of prints, videos, and hacked nintendo carts.

    new shits:
    Paul B. Davis just finished an interview with Select, the chicago-based art/music glossy. should be hitting shelves in november.
    8-Bit has finished their track for Tellus, not sure when the CD it out but there will be a release party with all involved once it is
    8-bit has a track on the new Kaiju video. peep.

    NEW MP3's - brand new tunes from the new pbd record. all of them.

    Paul B. Davis interview coming in Select magazine. "Pretty" EP is out on 8/27 (except you can get advance copies at Weekend Records and Soap in Chicago and Darla Distribution). "Fat Bits", the hacked Nintendo Entertainment System video installation by the Beige Programming Ensemble, has finished it's showing at Fassbender in Chicago and is off to NYC. Next BROWN is on August 28th with ghetto house re-inventor Bitch Ass Darius [NES Records, St. Louis]. Following BROWNs are Sep. 4th + 18th.

    upcoming projects:
    8-Bit and the Slowes have tracks out soon on Contact Records Japan [Pop Life compilation].
    8-Bit is hard at work for their track on the Tellus 2001 compilation.
    Beige Programming Ensemble has begun an editioned large format letterpress print for Michele Thursz.
    Paul B. Davis in St. Louis for Big Pink Brains on October 13th.
    8-Bit live in Munich, Germany on October 20th and starting to plan a following Beige European Mini-Tour.
    Bodenstandig 2000 / 8-Bit live 10" is being remastered again, this time with new material!

    Lots of thanks for july: first to life sucks die funny magazine, pizza boys, dj andrew/the fog, mangina, and all the heads in minneapolis who turned out for what was perhaps the best 8bit show yet.
    also thanks to peter margasak and the chicago reader for the lovely front page feature (and extremely gay photo), and thanks to tim koch for the nice 8bit article at igloo mag

    here's wassup -
    "Fat Bits", the worlds first hacked nintendo video installation, is still up at Fassbender Von Stratten gallery as part of the "Interface: Exploring Possibilities" exhibition. Editioned re-programemd NES carts and screenprints are available for purchase.

    BEG-003, the Paul B. Davis "Pretty" EP, is finally fucking done. the 4th (and final) record release party (first one being over two years ago) happened july 30th at smartbar, chicago. now it's time to play. starting monday, august 27th, these limited edition (300) ep's - designed, numbered, and manually screenprinted by the artist - will be available from this website and select distributors worldwide.

    keep eyes and ears peeled for beige/8bit shit appearing on some weirdo german compilation put together by Tellus, matthew herbert's Accidental label, a kaiju big battel video, artbyte magazine, and more...all more info tba as usual.

    and also folks thank you for the support BROWN has been getting...with the first two under our belt this past july (with 8bit + dj presyce, beige soft rock dj squad + dj ledeuce, respectively), our bi-monthly nights at the double door in chicago are getting more and more interesting (and the pong is getting more and more competitive). next two BROWNs are august 7th and 28th.

    lil' update here:
    ***8-Bit Construction Set is BACK IN STOCK*** - order it up if you haven't already

    thanks to soundlab, moving image gallery, engine27, paul miller, and everyone else in nyc who made our trip quite the experience. and if you didn't see the show reviewed on the front page of last tuesday's nytimes, go see it now. look for documentation soon.
    reminder that the "post-data" chicago exhibition runs through the 24th @ Deadtech.
    also we've brought back the Events Page!!! So now all events will be listed together in greater detail in chronological order, just like it was 1999 again.
    speaking of which, 8bit live in minneapolis july 7, and BROWN the new bi-weekly beige night at the double door kicks off july 10th. 8bit live with dj presyce. want more info? well then check the events page, of course.

    ***June Events***
    June 8th, NYC - A symposium: "Post-Media" @ Engine 27...a panel discussion/presentation on "technology as a heroic medium". basically the 8-bit construction set will be in the house to explain their record and their thoughts behind the craft of computer art. also with a bunch of nyc heavy hitters - natoarts, dj spooky, yael kanarek, etc. Friday, June 8th at Engine27, 173 Franklin St., NYC - contact Moving Image Gallery for more infos.

    June 9th, NYC - KAIJU BIG BATTEL!!! Big ass party featuring the first NYC appearance of The 8-Bit Construction Set. Also with Anti-Pop Consortium, Cannibal OX, DJ Spooky, Singe & Verb and a bunch of other folks. and of course live battles by KAIJU! Sat, June 9th, 353 broadway 10pm, $15. peep soundlab for more info.

    June 16th, Chicago - "Post-Data in the Age of Low Potential, Pt. 2", first ever Beige gallery show @ Deadtech. The Chicago premiere of Cory Arcangel's ASCII movie "Urbandale", "Fat Bits" - a series of hacked Nintendo Entertainment System carts featuring videos using Beige's propietary Nintendo Movie Format, and letterpress prints by Paul B. Davis. with an opening performance/lecture by The 8-Bit Construction Set. opening Sat June 16th, Deadtech Gallery, 3321 w. fullerton, Chicago 773.395.2844. 8pm. FREE BEER

    other things:
    beige is starting up semi-regular tuesday nights @ the double door in chicago. more infos tba but it should be an excellent night with the beige soft rock dj squad and guests. all styles of retarded "turntablism". email us if you have a decent name for it, something short and catchy please.

    pressing plant delays = another week or so before 8-bit repress is available, at least another 2-3 weeks before paul b. davis ep is available (as of june 3rd).

    had 005, the 8bit/bodenstandig 2000 live 10", re-mastered and still not happy with it. will try again so delays with that as well (again).

    News! News! News has a kind of mystery!

    ***Coming up soon***
    May 6th, NYC - our man Cory Arcangel is giving a lecture with John Cabrall and Zoe Beloff. Be prepared to get set straight on "digital" video, and learn about Beige's new style of realtime Nintendo NES animations. Sunday at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, 2pm.

    May 14th, Chicago - Paul B. Davis record release party. This is for "BEG-003, the "Pretty EP". You've heard white labels around for over two years (Tipsheet reviewer gave it "record of the year" in 2000), John Peel gave it some spins, now it's finally going to be out so let's see what the fuck you thought with them big ass cheeks. Monday May 14th @ Danny's, 1951 W. Dickens, Chicago, IL. 10pm-2am.

    yeah Art! The Beige Post-Data Extravaganza is set to open June 16th @ deadtech in Chicago.
    Beige in NYC - still waiting for final confirmations but we will most probably be up at this Soundlab party on June 9th, and also giving a lecture/demonstration at Engine27 along with leaving a show up for a few days there. More info tba.

    Much thanks to the folks in Portland who turned out for our rather late performance. Big ups to T-Bone for putting it all together and Reed College for providing a very nice event. Hopefully we'll be back before too long.
    The 8-Bit Construction Set is officially sold out. You may pre-order on the represses which should be available in about 4 weeks.

    April 28th, Portland - Northwest coast-heads: a reminder that this weekend is Beige up in Portland. Dwayne "Hooker" Delario and Rick Stryker (aka DJ Robert Downey Syndrome and Michael "Cutmaster" Douglass) are represeting the Beige Soft Rock DJ Squad for a rather large event at Reed College. Buy the 8-Bit Construction Set record from them in person - it may be your last chance for some time because THE 8-BIT CONSTRUCTION SET IS ALMOST SOLD OUT! We've taken our final distributor orders and have just a few left for individual website orders so act fast or wait a few weeks.

    Other stuff:

    Remastering BEG-005 the Bodenstandig 2000/8-Bit Construction Set live 10", so delays with that. But we do have a NEW PHOTO ESSAY - "The 8-Bit Construction Set and Bodenstandig 2000: Live in Chicago". Peep game.

    Keep an eye out for the first Beige Post-Data Extravaganza in Chicago around mid-june. Hacked Nintendo carts, the first ever display of Beige's propietary real-time Nintendo Movie Format, ASCII movies, screen prints, letterpress prints, and opening and closing music performances featuring your favorite Beige Records heavy hitters.
    Also possible Beige representation in NYC june and san francisco in july, but this is all we can tell you right now.

    The 8-Bit is now available at Forced Exposure and Crosstalk. Word up to Keith @ Forced Exposure AKA Hrvatski for dropping the 8-Bit in his top ten.

    Also word up to the lab for a really sharp venue and laid back audience. If you missed it, check the realaudio archive (note: we were not responsible for the video content). fast forward to 2hrs 48mins to skip Atmospheric Audio Chair playing pretty tunes and Robbie Rob messing about with a hacked Touch 'n Tell...starts with Dwayne singing along to Daft Punk general midi files.

    April 7th - Chicago, IL @ the lab. The 8-Bit Construction Set will be doing a live labTV webcast show (10pm - 2am), also featuring the talents of dj warp, tom pazen, and robbie rob. labTV - http://www.the-lab.com/

    If you're in St. Louis April 7, head to the Washington U Gargoyle to catch DJ Cougar Shuttle providing electronic dance music along with Mike 2600 and Ryan B freaking the king sized beats. 9pm in conjunction with the Super Top Secret Student Arts Festival. Sorry for the short notice...

    The shows have been great. 0xff thanks to everybody who came to the St. Louis + Chicago performances and C. Arcangel's opening in NYC. The 8-bit record is hot. We have plenty - come and get em. If you got it, tell us what you think. Records now available at Weekend Records & Soap, Gramaphone, Vintage Vinyl, Darla, Turntable Lab, Sonic Groove, Groovetech (soon), Revolve Records and tons of other places.

    We put some new shit in the text database so hit that up. BEG-005, the 8-Bit Construction Set / Bodenstandig 2000 live album, has been cut and we're waiting for test presses. Randy hooked up another review in the RFT.

    other shiznits to watch out for - beige representing in portland in late april and in chicago at the lab in early april (more info tba), the c64 track "dollars" off the 8-bit record will be released on Matthew Herbert's Accidental label as part of a three track v/a ep (dunno who else is up on it), and the paul b. davis debut ep "pretty" will finally be out in late april/early may - a whole 2 years late! Also the San Fran event @ blasthaus is unfortunately off for now, but please give em a peep cos they do good shit.

    Another new photo essay (with sound clips!) - "Raving with DJ Assault : Full-On Multimedia"

    Extra big thank you to Bodenstandig 2000 and all who turned out for the 8-bit Construction Set/B2000 show in Chicago. An 8-BCS/B2000 split 10" of live material is in the works. Limited to 256 copies, you know how we do it.
    More video/photo/sound clip documentation will be available soon, but for the meantime check out the newest addition to the Beige "Multimedia" gallery - Meeting Bodenstandig 2000 at O'Hare International Airport : A Photo Essay". Also for those really in need, a short realvideo clip of B2000 singing folk songs at a bar is available.

    *****Event news:*****

    Beige Records USA - One Day : Two Cities

    Feb. 24 - Chicago, IL @ Heaven Gallery: "001", Paul B. Davis will be getting moderately busy at some hotsy-tots art show. Be prepared for record skratchin', hacked gameboy playin', and lots of hot chicks. At the Heaven Gallery - 1550 N. Milwaukee, 773-342-4597. Presented by Conjugate Projekt.

    Feb. 24th - St. Louis, MO, Beige Records + Surveillance Records joint release party. That's right kiddies, The 8-Bit Construction Set's regular release is finally upon us. Only 1 year behind schedule this time (not bad). Surveillance is throwing a party to celebrate whatever the hell it is they're releasing while DJ Bitch Ass Darius holds it down for Beige on the 1's and 2's with free giveaways, speeches, and record demos. No location info yet, this is some big timer rave type shit.

    Beige Records USA - Three Days : Three Cities

    March 2 - New York City, NY @ Moving Image Gallery: "Transformers", Opening reception (6-9pm) for the Cory Arcangel/Joseph Nechvatal show. This is a big deal, if you're in NYC you should go. Cory is showing his "Urbandale" video - filmed at Urbandale Plaza in buffalo and processed using his own ascii/ansi software. Joseph, while not associated with beige in any way, seems to be on the right track with some computer viruses that fuck with images and animations. MIG, 414 Broadway, 3rd Floor, NY, NY. 212-966-4741.

    Come one come all to another Big Pink Brains (tm) party. Here's the info straight from the source:
    "Big Pink Brains. Saturday, March 3, 10 pm. Corner of Cherokee and Compton in beautiful South St. Louis. Warehouse and dungeon. Warehouse Tag Team Action: 8bit (live). Rudy Tardy. Cougar Shuttle. Ken Dussold. Flex. Rachel. John Knorr. Mark Churchill. Dungeon: Zach. Roberts. Clint. Robi. Security provided by Roscoe. You don't have to dress as twins but it would make us happy if you did. Invite your friends. Screw your enemies."

    March 4 - Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle - another Weekend Records + Soap party! This right here is the official Chicago release party for The 8-Bit Construction Set. 8-Bit live performance along with a slideshow/lecture on 6502 Assembly Language programming, a 4-turntable mash-up/demonstration of the 8-Bit Construction Set record by Cougar Shuttle and DJ Rudy, and a special showing of the legendary "Dollars" C64 video. Your other DJ's for the evening are Ray_Rod and Super DJ Tommie Sunshine. Jeah.

    Other Stuff
    Feb. 13th DJ Seminar/Clinic @ The St. Louis Guitar Center, 7 - 8 PM
    Bicth Azz Dariuz and fellow Litterthug Mike 2600 "demonstrate to a bunch of wiener kids how to spin records". Each DJ will spin a 10 minute set, explain some shit and take questions. Sounds great.
    As long as we're on this note, a reminder that you can catch them Litterthugz every other Saturday and every Thursday evening at the Upstairs Lounge - no cover, must be 21.

    The 8-Bit Construction Set should be in shops around Feb 26th (that's a Monday). In Chicago, go to:

    Weekend Records & Soap          Gramaphone Records
    1919 W. Division                2663 North Clark
    Chicago, IL 60622       OR      Chicago, IL 60614
    Ph. (773)342-5768               Ph. (773)472-3683
    this is way too much typing. we out till next month.

    Lots to watch out for:

    Friday, Jan 12 Rudy Tardy and Dwayne "Hooker" Delario guest on on WNUR 89.3fm (chicago) from 9:30-11:00pm (central USA time). Check the WNUR website for a live RealAudio stream.

    Beige and Bodenstandig 2000 REUNITED!!!! after having been separated by great distances and economic sanctions, Beige Records USA reinvestigates it's german heritage while simultaneously pursuing a 2-d pixelated future when Bodenstandig 2000 (Rephlex) visits Beige Headquarters.
    CONFIRMED: Monday, jan 29th, chicago. here's the info:

        Monday, Jan 29th - Chicago
        @ Danny's (1951 W. Dickens)
        bodenstandig 2000 (rephlex, uk)
        the 8-bit construction set (beige, us)
        beige soft rock dj squad:
        rudy tardy/dwayne delario/bitch ass darius
        play regulars:
        bob + ray_rod
        21+ / 10pm - 2am / 773.489.6457

    this is going to be the start of something very big (like, say, a beige/bodenstandig summer US tour...shhhh....)

    Also be on the lookout for future show dates in san francisco as Beige presents hacked 8-bit console devices, ascii movies, and lectures on "software repair" at Blasthaus. still waiting for more info on this one, but looks to be in early march...also with Vuk Cosic/The Ascii Art Ensemble/Time's UP and a bunch more artsy-fartsy hot steppers.

    DJ Rudy (alongside Cougar Shuttle + Litterthugz regulars) is at the Upstairs Lounge on new years eve. go there. then go to the Rotund Sound System afterparty.

    Beige Records USA - Shiftin' bits and smackin' tits...

    Dec. 4th - DJ Cougar Shuttle is appearing on Channel 5's "Monday Makeover" segment. Video clips of the famed Cougar Mullet being removed will be up shortly.

    Keep an eye out early next year for The 8-Bit Construction Set appearing on a Matthew Herbert compilation. More info later...

    Bitch Ass Darius won his preliminary round in the Guitar Center DJ Battle. great.
    Cougar Shuttle sprained his ankle. great.

    2,16,30 is Cold Honky Tonkin' at the Upstairs Lounge with the Litterthugz. also 9-16 : Back to Basix present Technolust and Cougar Shuttle is on the ticket.
    9-13 at the St. Louis City Hall Rotundum: "Beige Noise" = new electronic music works and works in progress presented by Kenny Kingston and Kevin Vogel.
    And of course every Wednesday night catch the Litterthugz at the Upstairs Lounge

    we're spending time moving apartments

    St. Louis was the only place to be on July 4th

    Welcome to summer St. Louis! This summer, Beige is proud to sponsor the color of your air. "Cold Honky Tonkin'" at Upstairs Lounge: 6/10, 6/24. Beige may represent in some form at the Side Door on 6/8. Stay tuned.

    Oberlin folks - don't miss Paul B Davis' senior recital May 13. Diapers optional - if you can be good. Superbreakout Saturdays at Upstairs Lounge = 5/13, 5/27. Happy Birthday Shenikwa!

    Cougar Shuttle is now co-resident with Mike Davis, Doug Surreal and Ryan B at Upstairs Lounge on South Grand. Come out every Wednesday for "A Children's Guide to Littering." Also, every other Saturday night - it's "Superbreakout." Read what the RFT had to say.

    we're busy with other things - working on 004 jacket printing but nothing yet

    not much. 004 out this summer.

    Response from "The 8-Bit Construction Set" has been overwhelming. Thank you. St. Louis folks - check out the big story on us in the RiverFront Times. Also thanks to Grooves Magazine for the nice review in the new issue.

    So, anyway, we're switching internet hosts. BEG-004 - "The 8-Bit Construction Set" is slated for a late-february release. The new website will come then. And a very limited number of BEG-003, the Paul B. Davis solo EP, will be made available in early February. Das it.

    BEG-004 - "The 8-Bit Construction Set" is here. white labels are out, regular release in 2k to coincide with a newly designed site.

    party time updates:
    we're dj'ing the metropolis st.louis y2k bash. get your tix now.
    guest appearance by dj rudy at the upstairs lounge on sunday dec 26th.
    as always, check the events page for more details.

    BEG-004 is being remastered. we still can't tell you what's on it (yet). however:
    1. a video has been shot 2. t-shirts have been made 3. all kinds of special web shit has been designed
    basically things are going to get a bit out of hand...stay tuned

    took BEG-004 dat to mastering facility. dat broke. note - do not accept dat masters in the future, they are highly unreliable.

    quickie update cos we're busy:
    BEG-004 is being wrapped up, by all accounts it might just be the best record ever made.

    and america's favorite band, the slowes, will be putting out a very limited edition 7 inch on the UK's Earworm Records. more info soon...

    This just in: DJ Rudy @ Stellar Exodus. Sunday August 22. Good sunday nights @ Velvet put on by the Superstars of Love, call em up at(314) 994-1114 for more infos

    Beige Saturdays @ Babylon continue. Cougar Shuttle and DJ Rudy resident for this month + guests every week.
    Aug 14th - cougar + astroboy
    Aug 21st - somebody else this weekend - not us
    Aug 28th - rudy + tba
    as always check the events page for more up to date information

    Also if you're in St. Louis August 12th + 13th, be sure to check out Babylon as it hosts the No Limit Records parties w/ Mystikal, Sillk the Shocker, Master P, and others. We'll be there.

    Friday, July 30th it's Rudy Tardy and Brent Dundass performing a "Live Audio Electronics Installation / Atari 8-bit Assembly Language Programming Demonstration". Come see what all the fuss is about, learn why the 'Post Data' art movement is important for you, and watch Rudy and Brent gain an advantage over other computer users through audio expression. Sponsored by MediaARTS.

    We're doing semi-regular Saturday nights @ Babylon, come on down to 1521 Washington Avenue in St. louis for loads of good drinks, bad behavior, and guests every week.
    Sat July 17th - DJ Rudy + Cougar Shuttle
    Sat July 25th - Bitwise Operators (live) + tba

    BEG-003 white labels are all gone. Regular release in mid-August. And a new-new website all done in Flash 4 coming in a week

    New look website... big deal

    We're attacking from all angles this summer. Lots of stuff is coming up so keep your nostrils flared. You won't be able to avoid us totally.

    BEG-003 promos are going out- if you think you should have one, contact us.

    BEG-003 has been mastered as of Friday, April 23rd at approximately 5:30pm. Five tracks, five locked grooves, and more sauce than we knew what to do with. All in a lovely 12" vinyl format. BEG-004 is in the works...

    Paul B. Davis/Pone Mahone joint recital went nicely. Clips/sounds/video/ will be up soon.

    Rick Stryker (to be featured on BEG-003) and Dwayne "Hooker" Delario are the latest additions to our growing artist roster.

    Our activities at HereAndNow are continuing. For those of you who missed P. Mahone's guitar marathon, DJ Rudy will be featured soon. Check the events page for other Beige excitement.

    As April nears keep a watch out for the Paul B. Davis/P. Mahone joint recital. This will also coincide with another trip to Detroit to get BEG-003 mastered. White labels should be available by May 1st. If you think you are important enough to have one, email joe@beigerecords.com

    Lots of site updates too, pics, more mp3's (from the slowes, no less), and a soon to come text section

    "The Spirit of Beige Volume 1" is almost all gone. Snap em up while you still can or miss out on a piece of musical history.

    As far as news, we have new tracks from Rudy Tardy and the slowes, and are tentatively planning an album release for this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for more details on this exciting new development! New mp3's are up, and we'll be having an mp3 competition by which you can pick which tracks will appear on BEG-003 (a solo 4-tracker by Paul B. Davis). The entire Beige short film "Adventure" is now up in realvideo format. Check the multimedia page to download the goods.

    Take a look at HereAndNow, the first ever multicast video/audio feed on the Net. Why? Well, we'll be doing semi-regular shows and also at some point will be the first ever LIVE NET PERFORMANCE BY THE SLOWES!!! That's it, more later.

    Lots of fun stuff this month:

    First off, the new website is up. Of course, you already know this because you are looking at it. But anyway, we formally welcome you to www.beigerecords.com. Check out the new content - we've got mp3's up, new pics, RealVideo and Quicktime movie clips, and full uncut versions of our commercials. Just a quick note on the music - we have for now ditched the AT&T a2b format because, even though it sounds better than mp3, the players have stopped playing rawtext .aac files and will only play AT&T's encrypted .mes files. This would mean that your downloads would be tracked, you could not copy the files, and you could only play them on the exact computer you downloaded them on. And this is STUPID. If there is enough interest, we do have old betas of the player that will play the regular .aac files but they are mac only. So, mp3 it is! Get your Rio's all ready to go and have some fun, kids.

    Finally - the street release of BEG-002, "The Spirit of Beige Volume 1" compilation, is upon us. Yes, it has taken 2.5 months longer than we anticipated, and we apologize. The final run is limited to 200 copies, with individually hand-silkscreened jackets. They look fantastic. You look fantastic. Go buy one.

    Oh, yes, they are being distributed by Sonic Groove (NYC) and Record Time (Detroit). And, of course, you can also order one directly from us via our On-Line Order Form.

    Well the ruckus caused at CMJ is over. In case you missed it, Rudy Tardy and Brentt Dundass spoke on the "Technology and the Artist at Home" panel. Apparently it consisted mostly of them giving a demonstration of the future of music via the sound generation capabilities of the Atari 800 home computer. How did it go over? Well, see what CMJ said. Also, be on the lookout for our Beige Records Holiday Greeting Cards!

    Check the events page for our CMJ schedule. We'll ge giving away some special Beige cd samplers with released and un-released material, tapes, floppy disk copies of "The 5kHz" disk, Atari disks, and more. Our man will be wearing a Metallica shirt and Blu-Blockers. He's very nice just ask him for the freebies.

    Sorry - everything is delayed. This includes site updates, the on-line release of "The 5kHz low-NRG U-Haul Disk", and the street release of BEG-002 "The Spirit of Beige #1". But there's lots of good news: We're off to CMJ in early November (more info soon), we will be using AT&T's a2b music compression scheme to give you high-quality on-line music, and Rudy Tardy has not only finished asembling the slowes, he has even gotten them to record their first demos (a record can't be too far in the waiting!).

    roster (now called artists)