Meeting Bodenstandig 2000 at O'Hare International Airport: A Photo Essay

"Team Beige is assembled as Cougar meets us at customs."

"The Krauts land..."

"..and are dressed to impress."

"Beige and Bodenstandig, together. Perhaps the most important handshake of the millenium."

"L to R - Dwayne (beige), Drax (b2000), and Bern (b2000)."

"Covering travel costs for our artists is a top priority."

"Apparently, magnetic stripe technology hasn't made it to the Fatherland yet."

"Bodenstandig 2000 on the train...and wondering where all the breakdancers are."

"Bern showing off his Euro-stylez. The brand name of these shoes is 'Falco'."

"An overexposed Drax whips out his Gameboy camera."

"The train tunnel."

"Paul B. Davis"

"Dwayne 'Hooker' Delario"

"Bern showing off again, this time with the Dreamcast VMU he wears as a watch/portable pac-man game."

"The Chicago Transit Authority delivers everyone successfully..."

"...and B2000 is ready to rock the USA."