"The Spirit of Beige Compilation #1"


Artists: Various - Oates, Bitwise Operators, Paul B. Davis, F13
Title: "Spirit of Beige #1"
Format: 12" vinyl EP
Catalog: BEG-002
Track List: A1 - The Clap; A2 - Ice Cream Man; A3 - 2's and 4's; B1 - Atomic
Release Date: Jan 28, 1999
Sound Clips: 128k stereo mp3
Side A:
The Clap - 2.1 megs
Ice Cream Man - 3.4 megs
2's n 4's - 5.4 megs
Side B:
Atomic - 15.1 megs
Label Pics: coming soon
Jacket Pics:

Other: Totally Awesome

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