Current Projects: Playing keyboards in Willie Nelson's daughter's band
Other: resides in tarantula infested shack 30 miles outside of Austin, Texas

"Billy Joel is widely known as the Piano Man, and so is Oates. A longtime employee of Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio as a musician, Oates has slowly earned himself a reputation as one of Ohio's most exciting lounge pianists. After moving to NYC, Oates couldn't escape his reputation as an all-around entertainer. Oates enjoys long walks in the park and setting styrofoam on fire. These traits, along with others, make him a pleasure to be with. Beige is happy to share with the world Oates' commentary on STD's, "The Clap". Oates' only other release was the cassette, "trying to get the mic out of the guitar", which was a two-hour recording of just what it said." -- from BEG-002 press release