Paul B. Davis

Current Projects: Major 9th chords, fixing things
"Pretty" EP - BEIGE
The 8-Bit Construction Set [shhh...] - BEIGE
Enter the Mystical Faggot 7" - Frank Wobbly & Sons

Spirit of Beige Vol. 1 - BEIGE
Other Mistakes EP - Soundslike/Accidental
U.S. Pop Life Vol. 14 - Contact Records
A Call for Silence - Sonic Arts Network

Press & booking: Heavy Media

Personal site:

"Hunt high and low for this one: Paul B. Davis has the knack..."
Mark Martelli, Pitchfork, Pretty EP

"Marvellous and utterly original stuff."
Andrew Weatherall, Boomkat, Pretty EP

"Absolute genius"
Brock Phillips, XLR8R, 8-Bit Construction Set

"Purchase on sight."
Mark Barton, Losing Today, Mystical Faggot 7"