"8-bit Construction Set" (BEG-004)

"What Joe Satriani is on guitar, The 8-Bit Construction Set are on Atari!" - Drax (Bodenstandig 2000)
"Says in 8 bits what takes everone else in the world 16." - Nic Collins
"It rocks." - Matthew Herbert
"Absolute genius" - XLR8R Magazine
"da bomb! Dope dope dope dope!!!!" - that would be a total of 4 dopes from Paul D. Miller/DJ Spooky
"...a testimony to nerdiness." - The New York Times
"A record destined for 'legendary' status" - Godsend Magazine
"The total is well thought, well conceived piece of vinyl that is really about something." - Vital Magazine
"One of the most interesting audio artifacts to ever come out of St. Louis." - The Riverfront Times
"...mouthwatering slice of retro genious" - Pelicanneck
"This is the best thing I've ever received to review for the zine." - Action Attack Helicopter zine
"I was going to make a record like that." - DJ Swamp


Artists: 8-bit Construction Set
Title: 8-bit Construction Set
Format: 12" vinyl EP
Catalog: BEG-004
Track List:
Atari Side: Samples, Loops, Saucemaster, Data
Commodore Side: Samples, Loops, Dollars, Data
Release Date: Feb. 26, 2001
Sound Clips: saucemaster dollars
Label Pics:

Other: "the perfect record" (first use of vinyl for software distribution - ever).

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