The 8-Bit Construction Set & Bodenstandig 2000: Live in Chicago

sound clips coming soon. all pics are stills from our shitty video of the concert and from justin's digital camera (big up to justin reed).
if you have any other photos or bootleg recordings that you wouldn't mind sharing (we know there are some out there), please email us.

"Tonight we're going to raise the roof and see where our dogs are at."

"Drax is distracted by what's playing on the 8-Bit's Atari."

by the way, an equipment rundown for those who keep asking:
[l to r] atari 800xl w/ tv running SoundMonitor Pro, casiotone mt-250, atari 800xl w/ sakata monitor and 1050 disk drive running atari porn video loops, old PA mic, mackie 1604 mixer, c128 w/ SuperCPU mod and 1541 disk drive running SID-303, roland tr727, atari 520st running MusicMon, casio sk-1

"A girls head...and a fat 8-bit dick."

"Time for the 8-Bit Construction Set to start it up (note Cougar's pants)."

"ExTrEme aCtTioN cLOsE-Up!!"

"8-Bit Constrution Set = world's best cover band. Note Cougar's pants again."


"Look at drax just fire up the crowd!"

"L to R - Dwayne (beige), Drax (b2000), and Bern (b2000)."

"The two giants of contemporary german folk music in an action pose."

"The two giants of contemporary german folk music high as hell."

(the next two video stills were all taken in "night-vision" mode because the light level was next to nothing)

"Drax busting some heil hitler type shit with his recorder."

"The perfect way to end a perfect show as beige and b2000, arm in arm, sing the massive hit 'Pencil from Pelikan'."