The 8-Bit Construction Set

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  • rick stryker : atari 800xl
  • dwayne "hooker" delario : cocaine
  • perry "pone" mahone : commodore 64
  • dj cougar shuttle : technics 1200's

  • The 8-Bit Construction Set w/ Michael Schwartz (former director of Activision Audio)
    [l to r] dwayne "hooker" delario, schwartz, rick stryker, perry "pone" mahone, (dj cougar shuttle not pictured)

    What folks are saying about The 8-Bit Construction Set:
    "What Joe Satriani is on guitar, The 8-Bit Construction Set are on Atari!" - Drax (Bodenstandig 2000)
    "Says in 8 bits what takes everone else in the world 16." - Nic Collins
    "It rocks." - Matthew Herbert
    "da bomb! Dope dope dope dope!!!!" - that would be a total of 4 dopes from Paul D. Miller/DJ Spooky
    "...a testimony to nerdiness." - The New York Times
    "A record destined for 'legendary' status" - Godsend Magazine
    "I was going to make a record like that." - DJ Swamp

    the story:
    dwayne drops a mixtape for jesus in the mailbox and it winds up on the doorstep of rick stryker's garden apartment. rick sends off the tape to satellite records where pone mahone spends his 9 to 5. he attaches a note. it reads, "pone, you're leaving new york." upon receiving the tape, pone sends a c64 cassette with an encoded message to cougar shuttle. "taking the data bus to detroit," it says. "meet me at belle isle." as planned, mahone and cougar meet up at belle isle, where they find delario sleeping. after a quick huff, the three leave detroit and take off toward beige records hq in st. louis, picking up stryker at arcade bowling lanes on the way out of town. just as the st. louis arch comes in view of their 1974 datsun 240z, they notice a billboard silhouetted against the horizon. the billboard clearly states, in boldface black letters, "it's time."

    the record:
    currently receiving play from an impressive array of tastemakers including matthew herbert, mixmaster mike, bodenstandig 2000, dj godfather, and luke vibert, The 8-Bit Construction Set seems poised to redefine the very limits of what one can put on a slab of wax. half dj battle record/half concept album, The 8-Bit Construction Set record is also the first ever use of the vinyl recording medium for software distribution - the inside tracks are audio data which can be dubbed to cassette tape and booted in your respective atari or commodore 8-bit computers (guinness world record for first-ever vinyl-to-software programming is currently pending). and, as if you still had doubts about these artists' chops, you should know that this record was entirely programmed in 6502 assembly language. beat that.
    -- from BEG-004 press release