BEAT POETRY: The Upstairs Lounge is so over-the-top on alternating Saturdays these days that mere words don't do the thang justice. What a freak show Superbreakout is: Doug Surreal, Mike 2600, DJ Device, Ryan B. and Joe Beuckman going totally apeshit on four turntables, juggling beats and playing tag, tossing on a 33-rpm Bobby Brown "My Prerogative" 12-inch, punching it up to 45 and then beat-matching it with a DJ Assault ghetto-tech 12-inch. The general theme is hip-hop, old school and middle school (according to 2600, middle-school hip-hop is "anything after Run-D.M.C.'s Raising Hell and before Souls of Mischief's '93 Til Infinity'"), mixed with rock, soul and jazz breaks (EPMD, James Brown, Oliver Sain, De La Soul, the Meters, Eric B & Rakim, the Ohio Players). It goes on and on, and the result is some of the most innovative and off-the-wall turntable antics we've ever seen. Mixing Billy Joel's "My Life" with a funk beat? Why would anyone do that?

Of course, if you're looking for tight, seamless mixes, you're looking in the wrong place; half the time they're pretty sloppy on the decks, more concerned with shocking segues than invisible merges; you'll hear train wrecks, and furrowed-brow DJ types should stay away if they're going to get all technical. That said, the other night when 2600 and Device manned all four decks simultaneously, it was brilliantly crazy, a mess of scratches and beats that had the totally packed Upstairs bursting at the seams. Sometimes creativity and wide-eyed fun is a bloody mess; at Superbreakout, bloodier is better. That's this Saturday at the Upstairs: good, messy fun.

--Randall Roberts