Past Beige Events

The format here is that past events are just added to the top of the list, so the whole thing is in reverse chronological order.

  • oct 20th @ the garage [upstairs], london: pbd and lektrogirl open for felix kubin.
  • oct 19th @ the golden pudel, hamburg: pbd and lektrogirl [rephlex] get gay. one night only.
  • oct 5th @ ocularis, brooklyn - e.a.i. sponsors a video screening and live performances...beige and extreme animals in da house among others.
  • sep 26th - 28th # chelagallery, baltimore: cory is in a 3 day art show with jacob ciocci [paperrad] and leif ritchey
  • sep 21st @ cinematexas 2003 [austin, tx] - cory gives a lecture with ed halter and some other ppl about video games and etc.
  • sep 14th & sep 21st @ the tate britain - screening and showing of various video works including cory's mario clouds cart and a documentary of the recent beige/paperrad tour.
  • sep 12th @ camp gay, chicago - "the last dance" pbd's last dance party before moving to london, with Miss N.A.T.O. Veto [aka L********L, rephlex], dj kim soss & dj shoulders
  • aug 30th @ postmaster gallery, nyc - screening of pirated copy of pirates of the carribean, mr. cory arcangel is providing some music.
  • beige/paperrad first ever u.s. tour coming this summer august 2 - 15th. with extreme animals, the 8-bit construction set, the potions, dj bitch ass darius, dr. doo, dj jazzy jexx, dj shoulders, the acidheads, natural reflex, jamie arcangel and the arcangels, and more [different band configurations playing at the different stops]. here goes:
    aug 3rd, nyc @ team gallery
    aug 4th, boston @ the chopping block
    aug 5th, allentown, pa @ jef the pigeons
    aug 6th, pittsburgh @ the mattress factory
    aug 8th, chicago @ camp gay
    aug 9th, st. louis @ louis hartoebben museum of [con]temporary art
    aug 10th, kansas city @ your face
    aug 12th, milwaukee @ the general store
    aug 13th, detroit @ detroit art space
    more infos at
    except some of the band info is wrong
  • july 19th @ the asylum, london: paul b. davis back in london for another dj extrvaganza. started... blah blah u know the drill. with lektrogirl and some others, check the flyer.
  • july 17th @ camp gay, chicago: pbd dj's a free party with luke vibert, ray_rod, and other surprise guests. 10pm - ??? byob.
  • july 9th @ the institute for contemporary art, london: cory arcangel and beige stuff open as part of the "radical entertainment" show. stays up for three weeks for your viewing pleasure.
  • may 27th @ resonance 104.4fm, london: live 1.5 hour radio show pbd style. 7pm.
  • may 24th @ the freebutt, brighton: pbd and gold chains. 8pm.
  • may 23rd @ aldwych disused tube station: seed records rave has got p.b.d. [first ever uk performance] w/ luke vibert, ceephax acid crew, seed records entire roster live, aphex twin, n lots n lots more. for the hookup.
  • march 29th @ camp gay, chicago: THE 2003 BEIGE CASSETTE JOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. the 2nd annual cassette battle for world supremacy...come see the best in the business compete for fame and fortune. and immediately following the battle is the Version>3 Festival closing party with Bodenstandig 2000 LIVE (rephlex), 8-Bit Construction Set LIVE (beige), Voltage, The Potions, and more.
  • march 28th @ museum of contemporary art, chicago: 8-bit live show "museum style". also with beans (anti-pop), john herndon (tortoise), and bobby conn (thrill jockey) all apparently improvising together. 8pm.
  • march 27th @ smartbar, chicago: beige bizness to go with the chicago stop on the warp records tour. 8-bit construction set live (first live show since fall 2001 in munich), dj bitch ass darius (n.e.s. records, databass records), dj paul b. davis, and andrew weatherall. plaid and prefuse 73 are playing live upstairs on the metro main stage.
  • march 27th @ museum of contemporary art, chciago: beige we do our nintendo shit and all the other stuff. 3pm.
  • march 26th @ sonotheque, chicago: version>3 festival opening party with dj drx [bodenstandig 2000, rephlex], dj spin-laden, and others
  • feb 23, chicago: paul b. davis live with lord of the yum yum and j+j+j, at the prodigal son.
  • feb 15th, st.louis: litterthugz crew in st.louis is throwing a prom, entertainment provided by tom doctor (organist for the st.louis blues hockey team) and 8-bit construction set dj cougar shuttle. at the vfw post on south big bend blvd. by the highway, $10.
  • feb 7th, chicago: illegal art festival at buddy spin-laden in the house with evolution control committee
  • jan 13th, chicago: dj's pimp hand paul at danny's with dj ledeuce
  • dec 31st, chicago: the finest new years party in town is at camp gay with occasional detroit, jeremy jacobsen [lonesome organist], the potions, and more tba
  • dec 12th - 15th, chicago: beige NetBuster prototype on display at the Stray Show
  • dec 7th, chicago: final night of the select media festival with dj spin-laden and our friends the extreme animals (paperrad), lord of the yum-yum, flashbulb, n lots mo'
  • dec 5th, chicago: opening night of the select media festival with pbd dj'ing + warmdesk, spectralina, twine, douggpound and others
  • nov 24th, nyc: cory arcangel dj's some nintendo-ish at tonic, 11pm
  • nov 16th, chicago: ledeuce is putting on a Loop Show at buddy. pbd dj's along with bobby conn live, rik shaw, sons of the sun, the colonel, and lots of other loop enthusiasts.
  • november 7-8 @ SUNY buffalo, NY: team beige is a part of the "Language and Encoding Symposium". saturday morning we present some work in the form of cory talking about nintendos again for all you who have missed it for the past few years. he's got a new one with mario clouds sailing. saturday evening cory put together a beige extravaganza featuring the potions and extreme animals and beige vs. paperrad: who invented post-media, really? check the website for details.
  • nov 2nd @ the congress theather, chicago: lumpen presents "hallowave" halloween party. pbd and ledeuce as the potions w/ the nerves, strawberry, superstars of love, jordan zawidah, trs-80, and mo'. $12 at the door, $10 in advance at weekend records.
  • sep 7, @ the butcher shop, chicago: dj paul b. davis w/ perspects, t. raumschmierre, jordan zawidah + telafon tel aviv.
  • august 30 @ buddy, chicago: dj rad and housemaster bert put it down for all the emf fans out there.
  • august 2nd @ watusi, chicago: pbd dj's at bypass group's friday night regular.
  • july 27th @ heaven, chicago: it's LUMPENWAVE, the latest do it again '80s party with lots of bands and beige related dj's cougar shuttle, paul b. davis, and ledeuce. 10pm, $10 ($13 if you want the lumpenwave cd).
  • july 26th @ the empty bottle, chicago: pbd cuttin it up again this time alongside occasional detroit. 10pm, $8.
  • july 15th @ plant bar, NYC: "Decks n Wreckx N Effects" - pbd with more dj antics. dancing. 217 e. 3rd, between b + c. 10pm

  • july 13th @ the knitting factory old office, NYC: pbd w/ extreme animals and on my signal. 74 leonard street, four blocks south of Canal, between Broadway and Church St. show starts at 9pm

  • july 12-14th, NYC: pbd and pone mahone are attending the 4th H.O.P.E (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference in nyc.
  • July 4th @ camp gay, chicago: "An American Celebration". Beer, pot, pride. with american bands: the bolts, the copper lions + american dj's: ledeuce, ronald reagan, and dj manifest destiny. there will be a keg and there will be fireworks and meat.

  • june 22nd, chicago: Paul B. Davis dj's at the Museum of Contemporary Art's Solstice Festival.

  • june 21st, NYC: Beige Nintendo cart hacks at Bitforms Gallery in NYC.

  • may 29th @ viaduct, chicago: pbd dj's at this performance space/bar with bypass group reg'lars.
  • april 18th @ the museum of contemporary art, chicago; cory arcangel, paul b. davis, dragan espenschied, and rob ray all sit down for a panel discussion as part of the Version>02 digital convergence festival at the chicago mca. the topic is computers, of course. 3pm, festival passes are $10 for all three days and get you into the beige world cassette championships for free.

  • april 19th @ the empty bottle, chicago: Paul B. Davis plays live and solo for the first time ever (albeit with assistance from the slowes' pone mahone and a special guest from rephlex records). it's all for the Magas record release party celebrating his new EP "Bad Blood" on Ersatz Audio. the lineup: magas live, misty martinez live, kevin drumm dj'ing, pbd live.

  • april 20th, chicago: Beige Records is proud to present, in association with the Version>02 festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the:
    BEIGE 2002 World Cassette Jockey Championship

  • april 5th @ the garage, los angeles: "on the dark side" - 8-bitter dwayne "hooker" delario fires it up at one of la's only electro nights. peep the flyer and hit it. 4915 santa monica boulvard, 10pm-2am.

  • february 16th @ camp gay, Chicago: it's SUPERBROWN!!! this is every dj that played at one of beige's BROWN nights together for a biggie.
    ascii flyer:
    beige presents superbrown
    all the brown dj's with lots of 
    surprises and giveaways galore.
    saturday, february 16th (in order of appearance):
    rudy tardy [beige]
    idea thief [nihilist records]
    spryte-1 [platter pirates]
    presyce [turntable technicians]
    bitch ass darius [nes records]
    ledeuce [16-style]
    + surprise guests
    art by beige programming ensemble
    @ camp gay
    2001 n. point, chicago
    9pm, $7 donation

  • january 18th @ Square One, Chicago: pbd is at some sort of electronic music one off.."From Concentrate"...also with yuppster, string theory, found objects, mormon anti-matter choir, and lots more. two floor of bizness, also with Peoples Republic of Delicious Food doing live video. 9pm - 2am, 1561 n. milwaukee

  • December 7th - December 9th @ SoGo Gallery, Chicago: More art! Beige holds it down for Deadtech at the Stray Show, a 3 day exhibition featuring artists from a host of "emerging" galleries. 1465 W. Hubbard, Chicago, USA.

  • December 8th @ Heaven Gallery, Chicago: Lumpen presents SELECT Magazine Release party. An exhibition and fundraiser for Lumpen's sister magazine by Paul B. Davis, among others, who is featured in the new issue. here's what they tell us
    Exhibiting artists: cat chow, eduardo kac, global themeworks, michael digioia, deborah stratman, bruner and bay, ovt visuals, mark mothersbaugh, cathy davies, moonrock software, and ariel martin. Musics by: quantazelle, pbd, monotrona, the video ape, douggpound, the tv sherrif, and perhaps a collaborative effort by slicker and josh of telafon telaviv (hefty records). 9pm - ?, 1546 N, Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, USA.

  • November 28th @ The UPGRADE, NYC: Our man Cory Arcangel presents his work at this monthly NYC lecture series. Look out for new hacked nintendo carts, prints, and ascii videos in effect...@ Eyebeam Atelier 540-548 west 21st bet 10 & 11 Ave. 7:30pm

  • November 16th @ Heaven Gallery, Chicago: rudy tardy will be getting slow at a 16-style show. also with dj ledeuce, bobby conn, and lots of other very very slow acts. 10pm-2am 1546 N. Milwaukee Ave, chicago il

  • November 2nd @ Camp Gay, Chicago: bands, beer, pinball, and 8bit video games. and pbd with some dj activities. more into tba...2001 n. point st, chicago, il

  • October 20th - November 25th @ Lothringer13 Gallery, Munich: Beige represents with ASCII video, hacked Nintendos, prints, and an 8-Bit vinyl installation in the 'Artist as an Expert' exhibition at Lothringer13 gallery in munich, germany. also with herbert franke, jennifer reeder, entropy8zuper, and marko peljhan.

  • October 20th @ Make World Festival, Munich: 8-Bit Construction Set presents art and headlines the music performances at some biggie "new media" festival in munich. here's the promo blurb for the concert:
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    October 20th;; 21:30 till 02:00;; gallery Lothringer13;; Munich/Bavaria
    live hot homecomputer music and technology presentations by kids
    from all around the world that are capable of more than just
    pressing some buttons and clicking AOL icons!
    With Performances By::
    ROLEMODEL (Stockholm/Berlin)
    founder of bedroom based Bleep Street Records Berlin;;
    Programmer of Little Sound DJ: underground Gameboy music
    software -- seeing is believing;; flipping bits to the limit --
    in the border zone between techno and pop: Fast audio action
    guaranteed;; EXCLUSIVE: buy Bleep Street Discs and LSDJ
    LOTEKSTYLE meets FREQUENCY 9 (Bellheim/Landau)
    members of the soundchip coder collective YM-Rockerz and demo
    crew tSCc;; >>Raumsonde<< on shitkatapult;; scrollines,
    chiptunes, space age electro lyrix!!;; EXCLUSIVE: release of 2nd
    YM-Rockerz 2DD diskette for your ATARI ST!!
    FARBRAUSCH (Bremen/Ittenbach)
    the demo crew that brought you The Product;; 100% 32 bit, 100%
    polygon reduced;; get to know the things behind mindblowing
    homecomputer demos, explained by real experts;; EXCLUSIVE: first
    scenes from new 64kb demo "fr013: pr0n - mit farbe und musik!"
    epilepsy warning!!
    fat bits and post data;; the first software distribution on
    vinyl -- ever!!;; nasty home made 8 Bit Rave Trax, hacked
    Nintendo games;; wicked DJ action;; EXCLUSIVE: the Beige Massive
    Magic Show!!
    BODENSTANDIG 2000 (Saarbrucken/Nordheim)
    world representatives of homecomputer folk music;; touching
    songs for dancing and crying into your pillow;; Maxi German Rave
    Blast Hits 3 on Rephlex Records London;; EXCLUSIVE: buy
    Bodenstandig clothes!!
    presented by
    || | micromusic | ||
    low-tech music for high-tech people  
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

  • October 13th @ Big Pink Brains, St. Louis: Paul B. Davis regulates another BPB event. also with dj cougar shuttle, astroboy, r-3, flex boogie, randall roberts, and many many more

  • September 18th @ Double Door, Chicago: Beige Presents Brown. This would be BROWN #6. with rudy tardy and cj (cassette jockey) idea thief [nihilist records]. also ZIPPERSPY just added.
    beige presents brown
    the 6th installment of bi-weekly beige 
    stupidity + a guest.
    tuesday, september 18th:
    resident rudy tardy [beige, earworm uk] 
    + special guest cj {cassette jockey} idea thief 
    aka panicsville [nihilist records]
    + special guest #2 ZIPPERSPY [nihilist records]
    free pool, pong, and 8bit porn
    @ double door dirt room
    1572 n. milwaukee ave
    10pm-2am, 21+, $2

  • September 4th @ Double Door, Chicago: Beige Presents Brown. This is the 5th installment of everyone's favorite tuesday night electronic music extravaganza.
    beige presents brown
    johnny 5 night of bi-weekly beige 
    stupidity + a guest.
    september 4:
    resident rudy tardy [beige,earworm uk] 
    + special guest 
    dj spryte-1 [platter pirates, 2001 scribble 
    jam champ]
    free pool and pong
    @ double door dirt room
    1572 n. milwaukee ave
    10pm-2am, 21, $2

  • August 28th @ Double Door, Chicago: Beige Presents Brown. This is the 4th and latest installment of everyone's favorite tuesday night electronic music extravaganza.
    beige presents brown
    numero quatro night of bi-weekly beige 
    stupidity + a guest.
    august 28th:
    resident rudy tardy [beige,earworm uk] 
    + special guest 
    dj bitch ass darius [n.e.s. records, st.louis]
    + "Fat Bits" hacked Nintendo video installation 
    by the Beige Programming Ensemble
    two bucks. new music. not funny.
    and free pool
    @ double door dirt room
    1572 n. milwaukee ave
    10pm-2am, 21, $2

  • August 7th @ Double Door, Chicago: Beige Presents Brown. This right here is BROWN #3. with a catch - FREE BILLIARDS!!!
    beige presents brown
    numbah twee night of bi-weekly beige 
    stupidity + a guest.
    august 7th:
    rudy tardy [beige,slowes/earworm uk,blah blah blah]
    + our special guest dj maxell [W.T.S.F.D]
    (we think she's from detroit)
    two bucks. new music. not funny.
    and FREE POOL
    @ double door dirt room
    1572 n. milwaukee ave
    10pm-2am, 21, $2

  • July 30th @ SmartBar, Chicago: Paul B. Davis record release party. This is the 4th (we think) release party for "Pretty", BEG-003. But the funny thing about it is that this time the record is actually ready to go. 300 limited edition, hand signed, numbered, manually screenprinted, pieces of history in the making. A few will be given away to some very lucky people - one of them could be you. come watch pbd play his own record along with pulse programming (live) sepa (live), and dj's lse, warp, anacron, and chris widman. 3730 N. Clark, doors open at 10pm, $4, 21+.

  • July 24th @ Double Door, Chicago: Beige Presents Brown. The second installment of Chicago's own regular night of Beige silliness. Various beige-related residents and top-notch guests every time out for only $2. come join us deep in the heart of evil known as wicker park.
    the ascii flyer:
    beige presents brown
    reg'lar tuesday nights of various beige 
    bizness with a guest every week
    july 24th:
    beige soft rock dj squad
    + guest dj ledeuce
    @ double door dirt room
    1572 n. milwaukee ave
    10pm-2am, 21, $2

  • July 13th - August 22nd @ Fassbender Gallery, Chicago: "::INTERFACE: EXPLORING POSSIBILITIES::". Beige's hacked Nintendo movies are resurrected for a group show at the fassbender. carts will be editioned and available with editioned screenprints. opening on friday the 13th (please be careful).

  • July 7th @ First Avenue, Minneapolis MN: it's time for "Craps, After Hours" with a live performance by the 8-bit construction set. Life Sucks Die, your favorite grossout graffitti mag is throwing the summer's hottest party/issue 8 release bash. Also playing live - The Fog, The Pizza Boys, Deerflesh MC with DJ Mike 2600, and DJ Tape. [saturday july 7, 8pm @ First Avenue, Minneapolis. $6 21+]. check the flyer

  • July 10th @ Double Door, Chicago: Beige Presents Brown. The opening installment of Chicago's first regular night of Beige silliness. Various beige-related residents and top-notch guests every time out for only $2. come join us deep in the heart of evil known as wicker park.
    the ascii flyer:
    beige presents brown
    reg'lar tuesday nights of various beige 
    bizness with a guest every week
    july 10th:
    the 8-bit construction set [live]
    + special guest
    dj presyce [2001 ny dmc champ]
    @ double door dirt room
    1572 n. milwaukee ave
    10pm-2am, 21, $2

  • June 16 - 24th @ Deadtech Gallery, Chicago: "Post-Data in the Age of Low Potential, Pt. 2". The first ever Beige gallery exhibition runs through june 24th. See our proprietary 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System movies, along with ASCII video and various prints.

  • June 9th, NYC - KAIJU BIG BATTEL!!! Big ass party featuring the first NYC appearance of The 8-Bit Construction Set. Also with Anti-Pop Consortium, Cannibal OX, DJ Spooky, Singe & Verb and a bunch of other folks. and of course live battles by KAIJU! Sat, June 9th, 353 broadway 10pm, $15. peep soundlab for more info.

  • June 8th, NYC - A symposium: "Post-Media" @ Engine 27...a panel discussion/presentation on "technology as a heroic medium". basically the 8-bit construction set will be in the house to explain their record and their thoughts behind the craft of computer art. also with a bunch of nyc heavy hitters - natoarts, dj spooky, yael kanarek, etc. Friday, June 8th at Engine27, 173 Franklin St., NYC - contact Moving Image Gallery for more infos.

    Jan 2000 - June 2001 the Beige Events page was on hiatus and integrated into the Whats New With Beige page. For references to past events which happened during this time period, go to whatsnew. Eventually, references to all past events with documentation (if it exists) will be available here, but until that time please wait patiently.


  • December 31 @ Washington & Tucker: Metropolis St. Louis and MediaARTS present "Postcards from the Global Village" -- the hottest millenium party in town. Cougar Shuttle will spin a courageous 5 hour set- 9pm till 2am, y2k.

  • October 28 @ KDHX 88.1 FM St. Louis (10:00 pm)- beige's "Beuckman" will be a guest on Angella Pancella's "Eclectic Mix" special Halloween show.

  • Sunday August 22 @ Velvet. DJ Rudy spins at Stellar Exodus, the fun for all sunday night regular. Call up the Superstars of Love - (314) 994-1114 - for more information.

  • Saturday August 14th @ Babylon, 1521 Washington - it's more low IQ electro bizness with Cougar Shuttle and special guest Astroboy. Bring your over-the-counter medications because we're going to get retarded. 18 to get in, 21 to drink, FEEL THE INTENSITY!!!!

  • Friday July 30th @ MediaARTS, St. louis - Rudy Tardy + Brent Dundass give you "Post Data in the Age of Low Potential", a 'live audio electronics installation / atari 8-bit assembly langauge programming demonstration'. The MediaARTS lab is located at 1136 Washington Avenue, on the corner of Washington and Tucker in downtown St. Louis. Show starts at 9pm and it's free, dude.

  • Saturdays starting July 17 @ Babylon, 1521 Washington Ave St. Louis- Beige Saturdays featuring DJ Rudy, Cougar Shuttle and special guests almost every week. 314 588-0995 for more info.

  • June 11 @ KDHX 88.1 FM St. Louis (7:30 pm)- Join the beige staff to chat about current releases & what's coming up this year.

  • April 2 @ Kulas Concert Hall, Oberlin OH - P.Mahone and Paul B. Davis show their stuff with a joint recital. See the live webcast if you can't make it. More info soon.

  • March 13 @ - DJ Rudy returns for some live, streaming, unadultered intelligence reduction. Starting at about 12pm EST, bitch.

  • February 13 @ 125 Groveland - various Beige affiliates unite for an evening of stupendous drinking and pre-1987 Metallica covers. Featuring Brentt Dundass, Pone Mahone, and others...

  • February 9 @ Dionysus - DJ Rudy returns for a night of bass. bring your daisy dukes.

  • Christmas 98 - break time again.

  • November 4,5,6,7 @ various NYC locales - Beige posse is at CMJ 98. No shows this year (sorry) but Rudy Tardy is speaking on a panel on Thursday afternoon. Here's the info.

  • October 16 @ The Feve Bar - Pone Mahone is back for a special one-night only DJ set. Watch out, America

  • August 29 @ The Galaxy in St. Louis - It's the Millenia Anxiety Variety Show Part 3 with a live performance by The Bitwise Operators and DJ Rudy. Also featuring the talents of DJ Swamp, various St. Louis locals, a puppet show, a freak show, and "live sex acts performed on-stage by Alien Robots". Call the Superstars of Love at (314) 994-1114 for ticket information.

  • Summer 1998 - We're taking a break to do some other things.

  • May 9 @ Dionysus - DJ Rudy opens for Biz Markie, DJ Wally, and Stretch Armstrong at a hip-hop extravaganza. More free Beige giveaways and Atlantic records giveaways too. $5 with student id;$10 w/out. 10pm - 4am.

  • May 8 @ College Lanes - It's Techno-Bowl Part II as Beige teams up with fun-loving stalwarts Fuzzy Peanut Productions to present another $2-all-you-can-bowl fest accompanied by the best music around. Featuring Captain Fresh, DJ Sauce Attack, DJ Rudy, DJ Fat, DJ Hi-Jacker, and LL Chris Yap. Free Beige giveaways and other surprises. 10pm - 1am.

  • April 11 and 25 @ various Oberlin concert halls - Paul B. Davis joins 'cellist extraordinaire Alex Waterman in performances of Brian Ferneyhough's "Time and Motion Study II for Solo 'Cello and Electronics". One of the performances will be attended by Ferneyhough himself, and rumor has it that at least one of the performers (we're not saying who) will be sans pants.

  • Monday, March 9 @ Beige Headquarters - We're having a TV watching party to celebrate the premiere of the Nike add with music by Paul B. Davis (or should we say, Paully D). Starting at the crack of dawn, we're drinking and watching TV all day until we see the spot. Call (314) 719-2838 if you want to come (free champagne) and leave your info.

  • Monday, March 9 @ The Feve Bar - Pone Mahone takes over for an evening of DAT playback, homemade turntable manipulation, and reckless alcohol-indulgent behavior.

  • Friday, Jan 30th @ The Galaxy in St. Louis - Record release party for "Tardy Tracks EP" by The Bitwise Operators. Lots of other goodies, free giveaways, and entertainment beyond belief. Call (314) 994-1114 for more info.

    -- The Beige Staff