Vital Magazine 214

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THE 8-BIT CONSTRUCTION SET (LP by Beige Records) A clash of the computers? PC vs Mac? Almost. There were days that zipdrives, internet, or CD Rom did not exist, and computer storage went to audiocassettes. Days from Commodore 64 and Atari. These two toys of antique are the subject matter of this record, each on a side. Each side has the same ingredients: samples, a few lockgrooves, a music track and the 'data cassette program' (this in case you have one of the old computers, you can hold them up to your computer). This is a real tool, rather then just a collection of lockgrooves and there isa concept. The outcome, mainly the grooves and the music track are rather old fashioned, yet nice, techno/elektro beat stuff and how do you comment on the raw sample material or the sound of data? The total is well thought, well conceived piece of vinyl that is really about something. (FdW) Address: <>