Beige Philosophy

Here that with the beige, you are a strongly evaluated customer. This is why the current state of the World Wide Web disconcerting very to us. Differences between the Web and the TV becomming less and less days laborer. The advertisements not requested with each turn, traversing traqueurs, bandwidth sans.valor wasting the contents, and slow down, bloated of the " languages " as java/javascript is, for us, turning once that primitive World Wide Web in a bombastic horror to the directions.

In response to this, the beige recordings went up a site which should be used as soft rest with the normal voyage, daily, tulmutuous of Web. We realize that the most significant attribute of the HTTP is the fast and easy exchange of information - not more way so that the companies take your money (although we will take your money if you to us offer it).

It there has none jump-towards the haut-Window in-your-face, flag of Java, announces instantaneous, or weaves (particularly aucunes frames!). We use the most effective exchange of information of possible HTTP, the transfer of the texts, to limit your time of downloading to only seconds in all the cases - independently of connection, platform, or browser used. There is no surprise here with the beige. Each element is preceded by a link explaining what is it and you can then choose of going there or not. It is a truer expression of the interactivity than the conglomerates of mediae congratulate hypocritically the Web for, and then of disrespect, by detecting your each movement and by forcing the ADS in bottom of your throat.

This site is optimized for the browser World Wide Web of Lynx, but we also realize that less than 2% of all the users of Web use the lynx. This is why we created the beige gallery of multi-media where you can visualize images, animations of QuickTime VR, shock wave, and the contents of Realvideo, and also listen to noises and the music, very produced by artists of Beige (when you cliquetez in function the adapted links, naturally).

Thus in conclusion, we hope that you have experience joke here at beige Website. On the viewing of this site, a fresh feeling and calms relieving should cross your whole body - similar to the beige of color itself. If something worries you, please let know to us. The information of contact is located on the page of beige of contact.

Thank you to visit
-- Beige Personnel

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