Indeed -->

I work at U-haul and the other day this really
angry lady came into u-haul and started yelling
that she wanted
a "fucking" dolly for her fridge...i told her that
if she didn't stop swearing at me i wouldn't
give her anything, including a truck.
she quieted down after that.

Deoderant -->

when i get up in the morning
and i'm too tired to take a shower,
I just put on deoderant.

Pee-Rust -->

when you pee in stalls sometimes the piece of
metal that spearates them has rust on it because
when people miss, the pee makes it rust. Today I
was cleaning out a storage unit at the storage
place I work at and it was filled with bathroom
stuff. I picked up one of the metal separaters
to throw it into the back of the scrap metal
truck and before I knew it, I realized that my
hand was touching pee rust.

George Urban bvd. -->

I live in cheektowaga, the houses are small,
I have a flagpole, my walls are painted manilla
with a floral pattern, and the
lady next door always wears blue slacks.

OJ -->

when i was little my brother and i would
play catch with a bright orange autographed
OJ simpson football. he would always through me long
bombs but i could never catch them.

5 piece -->

what was wrong with 9 piece chicken tenders?
why do i have to get 8 now?
and i hate those shitty fries with that fake coating.


i want to be a canadian rock star
like the killjoys or the headstones
then I could go shopping all the time at Loblaws or No Frills
get my songs played on CHUM-FM
maybe get nominated for a Juno
get free beer at the Beer Store

Rock star -->

One day i'm gonna smoke crack with the guys from 'talk show'.

Rock Song-->

Long Legs,
short skirts,
my baby hits me where it hurts

sticky fingers,
stilletto heels,
come on baby let me cop a feel

My baby is hot tonight (hot hot tonight)
(Repeat 2x)