Beige Philosophy

Here at Beige, you are a highly valued customer. This is why the current state of the World Wide Web is so very disconcerting to us. The differences between the Web and TV are becomming fewer and fewer everyday. Unsolicited advertisements at every turn, browsing trackers, worthless bandwidth wasting content, and slow, bloated "languages" like java/javascript are, for us, turning the once pristine world wide web into a bombastic horror to the senses.

In response to this, Beige Records has put together a site that should serve as a gentle repose to the normal, everyday, tulmutuous web journey. We realize that the most important attribute of http is the quick and easy exchange of information - not one more way for corporations to take your money (although we will take your money if you offer it to us).

There are no in-your-face pop-up-windows, java banners, flash advertisements, or frames (especially no frames!). We utilize the most efficient http information exchange possible, text transfer, to limit your download time to mere seconds in all cases - regardless of connection, platform, or browser used. There are no surprises here at Beige. Every item is preceded by a link explaining what it is and you can then choose to go there or not. This is a truer expression of the interactivity that media conglomerates hypocritically praise the web for, and then disrespect, by tracking your every move and forcing ads down your throat.

This site is optimized for the Lynx World Wide Web browser, but we also realize that less than 2% of all web users use lynx. This is why we have created the Beige Multimedia Gallery where you can view pictures, QuickTime VR, Shockwave animations, and Realvideo content, and also listen to sounds and music, all produced by Beige artists (when you click on the appropriate links, of course).

So in conclusion, we hope that you have a pleasant experience here at the Beige Website. Upon the viewing of this site, a cool, calm feeling of relaxation should flow through your entire body - similar to the color Beige itself. If anything bothers you, please let us know. Contact information is located on the Contact Beige page.

Thank you for visiting
--The Beige Staff

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