the minimuseum 01 pbd

This is Domenico Quaranta's minimuseum, the device itself is a portable media player. I'm the first artist to be given the museum so I've made some documentation.

when you turn it on, it has this "boot screen". if there is no memory card inserted, it launches a 3 image "slideshow". i was interested in the slideshow images and was curious how i could get them out of the device.

Let's flip it over and see

Inside it's not much help, there's a lcd screen connected to a small pcb with a bunch of on-board chips on the other side. I was hoping inside might be a baby pc-like thing with maybe an accessible drive containing an "operating system" or at least something with a Fat32 filesystem including the slideshow images. Couldn't be bothered to figure this out and I didnt want to break the thing.

Instead I took photos of the miniseum when it displayed it's demo images (this is one of them). I then put these photos back in the minimuseum (i copied them to its memory card) to be displayed when it's not in demo mode.

Then i made a screwed and chopped remix of Manuel Göttsching's seminal proto-techno track E2-E4.

Put them together and heres my piece!
you are looking at a video of digital photographs of the built in photographs of the device, resequenced and put to music. The behaviour of the device in it's "default" state is almost identical to this except for some differences in the image quality which you can notice on close inspection, and of course Manuel Göttsching.

This is documentation of a private exhibition, Room 3148 of the Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel in december of 2010.

public exhibition as required in the minimuseum rules tba in london late jan 2011