MUTELLA #3 30/4/2001

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Mutella music [Big Beat Construction / Spring Seven]

*Big-Beat Construction "I-yin the red corner, on Atari 800xl, we h-yave, all the way from Deee-troit, Rick "the Ripper" Stryker. A-yand, in the Blue co-werner, his opponent, the p-powerful, the p-pungent, the Big Apple's own, please welcome, Perry "Pone" Malone! I'm your host, DJ Cougar Shuttle, and I say-ay: Let the battle commence! This, then, is the set-up: one piece of vinyl, two DJs, one to each side, each equipped with their retro-chic home computer of choice, bringing you a battle of simple sound-envelope samples, scratch tones, and locked grooves. *Vibe* to the sound of PacMan leeing from ghosts; *jiggle* to the beat of the Defender smart bomb; 'The 8-Bit Construction Set' (Beige Records, 2000) is guaranteed to access the 80s computer nerd in DJs everywhere.

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