Visiting the MARR Sound Archive: A Photo Essay

a very, very, very early telephone answering machine

wire recorder with "electronic memory". also note the Wilcox-Gay recordable discs.

thomas edison's original Ediphone [tm] brand wax cylinder player

gang of old shit

very cool poster featuring some super-famous jazz musicians

speeches recorded on 16" acetates. as you can see, this stuff is way too awesosme for us to make the photo essay funny.

more original 16" acetates of ww2 armed forces radio broadcasts. the marr has thousands of these things.

the wax cylinders are kept under lock and key in the back

lots of 10" records. back in the day 10" was the preferred format for albums.

coon sanders orchestra flag. silhouette of photographer is slightly visible.

this tune is very familar to the beige posse, although not in this format.

roller organ?

there appears to be a slight overlap between the marr and paul b. davis record collections.

the original reason we came here - gang of original raymond scott reels [from as early as '53].

outside building shot...hope to see you again next time we're in kansas city.

fun facts:

the MARR sound archive holds over 250,000 pieces of music media
it is an extension of the university of missouri at kansas city library and is open to the public
other hot kansas city attractions include the negro league baseball museum [highly recommended], charlie parker's grave, and a large number of serious barbeque joints.