Raving With DJ Assault: Full-On Multimedia

"Waiting at the airport"

"DJ Assault arrives in St. Louis wearing 'The Brown Hookup'"

"Feeble attempt at giving Craig Adams a proper welcome: $53.75"

"Probably the worst decision of the evening: Outback Steakhouse"

"Craig can be very particular about his diet." (click for audio)

"Little white man, Big black man."

"St. Louis could narrowly contain it's enthusiasm."

"DJ Assault is very easy to get along with."

"Too much excitement..."

"The creator of Accelerated Funk considers a candy purchase."

"Rapping since Age 12." (click for audio)

(click for audio)

(click for audio)

And now, exclusive new rap from DJ Assault: (click for audio)

Special thanks to Intuit-Solar for bringing Assault and the Pu bahs to St. Louis.

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