Beige Records Presents..."Adventure"!!!

Beige Records is proud to present, on-line for the first time, one of our film productions. Following in the footsteps of earlier Beige short films and videos such as "J'aime la Fromage" and "C-Line", "Adventure" is really fantastic.

"Adventure", Beige's first foray into the world of Sci-Fi Space Adventure flicks, tells the story of Captain Dundass and his trusty android D.O.N. They are a crack pair of Atarian Star Raiders battling to save the galaxy from the evil Zylon Empire. When informed by Atari Central Command that they have been assigned to a covert mission deep inside Zylon Territory, then fun begins!

We have prepared two versions of the movie. Both are compressed with real video compression. You will have to download the file before you view it as we are not equiped with a streaming server, but I think you will agree that a 10 meg real video file is alot better than a 40 meg Quicktime file if you're dealing with a 56k modem.

good quality version - 10 megs (email us to request this file)

not as good quality version - 5 megs