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Solar Panel


A recent hobby has been to build and install a solar panel on our roof. It's comprised of 36 common Evergreen Solar 3"x6" 1.8W cells in a simple wooden frame with a sheet of acrylic to protect them. My Dad helped run conduit and wires last weekend and the open source hardware/software available these days makes it unbelievably easy to setup a voltage logging apparatus. A 10k then a 2.2k resistor straddle the wires coming into our basement from the panel. The junction of those is connected to an analog input on an Arduino Mini. Every minute, the Atmega reports the value read at that input to the serial port. A simple processing sketch receives the value and makes an HTTP request to my web host, which stores the value in a database. The "Flot" plugin for jQuery makes rendering a nice line-graph of the incoming data straightforward.

Day One Voltages From Solar Panel

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