from Grooves issue #3
Paul B. Davis
Various Artists
The Spirit of Beige
Beige Records

Despite having several releases under their belts, St
Louis' Beige Records have yet to really pop up on
the experimental electronic radar screen.  Their two
latest releases, a compilation called The Spirit of Beige
and Paul B. Davis' untitled 12", are set to change that.
The Spirit of Beige is an oddball collection of tracks
ranging from the cut up vocal weirdness of Oates'
"The Clap" to bizarre analog-style bleep n'bass from
the Bitwise Operators.  The strongest track on the
comp, though, is by Paul B. Davis, the artist
responsible for the most recent 12" on the label.
Davis' tracks combine moments of electronic
synthwork with analog drum tweaking and the
occasional sampled and twisted breakbeat. All in all,
two very fine records from Beige, who should have a
few more coming out in the near future.
-Brian Rachielles