Godsend Online May 2001

Copyright 2001 Godsend Online

The 8-Bit Construction Set-"Atari Vs. Commodore" LP
This incredible and highly imaginative record serves multiple uses. First, it is a DJ tool, converting classic 80s computer game sounds (and even long-lost TV commercials) from the seminal Atari and Commodore systems into easy-access ammo for sound experimenting and DJ mixing. The end of each side also contains actual computer data tracks, which, if recorded onto analogue audiotape, will boot up programs on your aging Atari or Commodore systems (as both used cassette tape as a storage medium). Fascinating! Finally, this record is a joy to hear for fans of modern electronic/glitch sounds, especially as so many current artists favor these sort of blips and bleeps in their compositions. Some cool locked-grooves and new electro tracks round out each side, containing techno rhythms assembled from the aforementioned sounds. Vinyl LPs aren't generally thought of as 'interactive media', but this one most certainly is. A joyous and nostalgic tribute to the classic videogames of old, and a fun treat for modern electronic composers to boot. A record destined for 'legendary' status... (Beige Records)