Beige FAQ

1 -- What is Beige?
St. Louis' premiere record label, serving you with the best music the city has to offer for over one year.

2 -- Beige, is this some kind of new Plug-in for Netscape?

3 -- Is Beige a get rich quick scheme?
Studies have shown that investing in Beige Records may have unrelated, but profound effects on personal wealth. For more info about investing in Beige Records, E-mail Ray Alexander, Executive Sales Manager.

4 -- What is a Bitwise live show like, anyhow?
        "...the most ORGANIC show I've seen."

        "They were really alive out there."

        "It doesn't matter how you do it... when you sound that good."

        "You have to remember, they forgot half of their equipment...
                ...and half the rest is broken."

        "When does Dysphonix come on?"

5 -- Didn't Jay Miller used to play for the Boston Bruins?
Yes, for a brief period in the late 80's, Jay Miller was the Boston Bruins "clean up man".

6 -- Are the bitwise operators Aphex Twin?
Yes ... buy our records because we are Richard James.

7 -- Are you accepting demos?
Yes, we are accepting any and all demos. Please make sure all relevant contact information is included and mail them to:
Beige Records
P.O. Box 771097
St. Louis, MO 63177 (<--- note new zip code)

8 -- When is the 'Rudy Tardy and the slowes' album coming out?
We don't know, Rudy has no idea...but soon...