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pizza_party - text-based client for ordering pizza.


RC FILE: .pizza_partyrc


pizza_party [-o|--onions] [-g|--green-peppers] [-m|--mushrooms] [-v|--olives] [-t|--tomatoes] [-h|--pineapple] [-x|--extra-cheese] [-d|--cheddar-cheese] [-p|--pepperoni] [-s|--sausage] [-w|--ham] [-b|--bacon] [-e|--ground-beef] [-c|--grilled-chicken] [-z|--anchovies] [-u|--extra-sauce] [-U|--user= username] [-P|--password= pasword] [-I|--input-file= input-file] [-V|--verbose] [-Q|--quiet] [-F|--force] [QUANTITY] [SIZE] [CRUST]


The pizza_party program provides a text only command line interface for ordering DOMINOS pizza from the terminal. This program is intended to aid in the throwing of PIZZA PARTIES which are also sometimes known as ZA PARTIES


pizza_party -pmx 2 medium regular
Orders 2 medium regular crust pizzas with pepperoni, mushrooms, and extra-cheese.


You will first need to go to and sign up for an account. Then use your user name and password in the .pizza_partyrc file, or in your command line request.


-o|--onions Order your pizza with onions.
  Order your pizza with mushrooms.
  Order your pizza with olives. To remember this try to think that often olives go in [v]odka.
  Order your pizza with tomatoes.
  Order your pizza with pineapple. To remember this try to think of [h]awaii
  Order your pizza with extra cheese. To remember this try to think of [x]tra, a common misspelling of extra.
  Order your pizza with cheddar-cheese.
  Order your pizza with pepperoni.
  Order your pizza with sausage.
-w|--ham Order your pizza with ham. To remember this try to think of the pig from chroltette’s web named [w]ilber. Or actually better yet, lets think of "House of Pains" second album title "Same as it ever [w]as". fact: House of Pain started a pizza place in LA names HOUSE OF PIZZA.
  Order your pizza with bacon.
  Order your pizza with ground-beef. To remember this try to think of [e]coli bacteria.
  Order your pizza with grilled chicken.
  Order your pizza with anchovies.
  Order your pizza with extra sauce.
  Include your dominos username in the command line as opposed to using the ini file.
  Include your dominos password in the command line as opposed to using the ini file.
  Read pizza orders from a batch file. This batch file will be formatted the same way as your single command line pizza orders except each order will be separated by a UNIX new line.
  Order your pizza without asking for a confirmation.
  show the command options/arguments for pizza_party.
  Quantity can be 1-9
SIZE Size can be (small|s) or (medium|med|m) or (large|l). Default is large.
CRUST Crust can be (thin|t) or (regular|reg|r) or (deep|d). Default is regular.

RC FILE: .pizza_partyrc

To be placed in your home directory, this file can contain all your default information. A typical format would look like...


Ver 0.1 beta, distribution 00.00.04 & BEIGE Programming Ensemble commission / collaboration Cory Arcangel (cory AT post-data DOT org), Michael Frumin (mfrumin AT eyebeam DOT org). This software comes with no warranty.

Pizza Party pizza_party (1) April 29th 2004
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