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Colors PE (Personal Edition)

A couple years ago I made a very small video application called "Colors". This video came out of my interest in wanting to make something using slit scan. This is a very common and quite easy technique where basically something is photographed through a slit. After spending some time trying to teach myself how quicktime works and how video is displayed on a modern computer, I finally ended up with Colors. Anyway, basically Colors PE (the personal edition version) is a small application that will play any quicktime movie using a slit scan technique one line at a time starting from the top. Personally, for my version, I used it to play the movie Colors by Dennis Hopper (to play every color in the movie takes 33 days). So here is the program in case anyone is bored, has some time on their hands, and wants to try it at home. Disclaimer: This version requires some legwork to get working, FYI.

Requirements: Intel Macintosh.
1. Download this. (Intel Macintosh Application)
2. Get yourself Colors on DVD if you would like that version but note it can play any movie so knock yourself out, suggestions include "Stripes" (thx hanne), "The Color Purple", etc, etc, you get the idea.
3. Rip this movie to your hard-drive. I would suggest using Mac the Ripper (to get the movie on your drive), and then Mpeg Streamclip (to save it as a quicktime movie)
4. Rename the quicktime version of your movie you have put on your harddrive, and place it in the same directory as the "colors" app you have downloaded above.
5. Double Click and enjoy.