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The Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Glockenspiel Addendum (mp3s)

I have recently completed a new composition titled The Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" Glockenspiel Addendum. For those not in the know, Bruce's Born to Run record is littered with glockenspiel. For example, the famous melody from the song Born to Run is actually a guitar DOUBLED by a glockenspiel. Yes, I know what you are thinking,...awesome, awesome, & awesome. The Born to Run record itself contains 3 songs that feature the glockenspiel, ... For this project, I decided to create an addendum to the original and compose, play, and record glockenspiel parts for the songs on Born to Run that do not already feature the instrument (Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Backstreets, She's the One, Meeting Across the River and Jungleland). I have made a 12inch vinyl record (signed, edition of 300, hand silk screened covers by kayrock, etc, etc, etc) which is available through my online store, and also mp3's which are available below. Basically you can play the vinyl or mp3's at the same time as the original recording, and you got your self a seemless mix with even more glockenspiel then originally provided by Bruce and the band. If you listen to my 12inch or mp3's alone, you just got glockenspiel and alot of silence (yes, it IS susposed to be silent most of the time,... I had to do it in Bruce's style, and this meant very sparse arrangements...)

Here is a small example of the concept:

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (original)
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (glockenspiel addendum) *
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (both original and glockenspiel addendum mixed)

Ok, here goes nothing, ... without further delay, I present the The Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" Glockenspiel Addendum:

Thunder Road (silence)
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
Night (silence)
Born to Run (silence)
She's the One
Meeting Across the River

* - this interesting decending line, I actually found on rare live footage of the E Street band who used to play this song sometimes with a Glockenspiel.....

UPDATE: Kevin over at todomundo has a pretty funny 2 turntable mix session with the addendum and the Born to Run original,...sounds more like a drunk glockenspiel player cause of the wavering tempos, but its almost there......

UPDATE 2: Pictures of Kevin's set-up

UPDATE 3: Scroll down, and there is a broadcast of the addendum mixed with the original LP.....

UPDATE 4: me playing "she's the one" at a party......


Kurt Cobain's Suicide Letter vs. Google AdSence

Recently I made a webpage which pairs the text from Kurt Cobain's suicide letter up with Google Ads. Here is the - google ads are genereated from the text of the page they appear on...

UPDATE: The page was talen down, but I put up some screenshots of what it looked like,.......