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Beach Boys / Geto Boys

So yeah, I have finally gotten around to posting this mash up of the Beach Boys "Little Surfer Girl" and the Geto Boys "6-feet deep" I made last year for a permiere at the MOMA. It is just one of a bunch of backlogged things I made last year that I will be posting to the web when I have time....

Note: You have to watch for about a minute before the beach boys show up...I did this so the key change in the Beach Boys song would line up with the third verse of the Geto Boys song...(ps - the Beach Boys song is super short and Brian Wilson for some reason modulates little surfer girl up a whole step 3/4's of way through...totally weird, but it works) .... Yeah, yeah, also I know mash-ups were cool like 5 years ago, and already had a Vh1 show like 3 years ago, so I added some constraints. I wanted 2 see if I could go for the trifecta of mash-ups. Meaning, the two bands had to have a common name, the video has to be interesting even with no prior knowlege of the 2 bands, + I could't cut the videos or the music to make them fit together, they had to be played next to each other,...Becides this, the music had to sound good...So, yeah, I hope u like it. Here is the mp3 too.