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Space Invader


This is a mod of the Atari game Space Invaders which has been turned into Space Invader (note: its no longer plural...thus the white out over the last "s" on the cartridge) --> all the invaders have been erased except one. Here is the Atari ROM which you can run in your Atari emulator that was hacked together by RSG.


Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast" compressed over and over as an mp3 666 times.

If you have ever wondered what Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast" would sound like compressed over and over as an mp3 666's your here to download...and if u r wondering, YES, it does lose quality each time it is compressed. Here is the perl source code to do this yourself!!! You'll need the "normalize" binary, and also the "lame" decoder....

ps - If u like this project, don't forget to study up on your old school and check out Alvin Lucier's "I am Sitting in a Room".


F1 Racer Mod (Japanese Driving Game)


This is a simple mod I did of the old Japanese famicom driving game F1 Racer. Basically I just took out the game, cars, etc, and left the road. You can download the NES ROM to run in your emulator here, and the source code here note: you will need both nesasm, and nbasic to compile this rom ...I have written a small perl compile script 4 u also, I use mac osx and this all works fine, for other operating systems, I would warn u might need to tinker a bit....thanks.....


Beach Boys / Geto Boys

So yeah, I have finally gotten around to posting this mash up of the Beach Boys "Little Surfer Girl" and the Geto Boys "6-feet deep" I made last year for a permiere at the MOMA. It is just one of a bunch of backlogged things I made last year that I will be posting to the web when I have time....

Note: You have to watch for about a minute before the beach boys show up...I did this so the key change in the Beach Boys song would line up with the third verse of the Geto Boys song...(ps - the Beach Boys song is super short and Brian Wilson for some reason modulates little surfer girl up a whole step 3/4's of way through...totally weird, but it works) .... Yeah, yeah, also I know mash-ups were cool like 5 years ago, and already had a Vh1 show like 3 years ago, so I added some constraints. I wanted 2 see if I could go for the trifecta of mash-ups. Meaning, the two bands had to have a common name, the video has to be interesting even with no prior knowlege of the 2 bands, + I could't cut the videos or the music to make them fit together, they had to be played next to each other,...Becides this, the music had to sound good...So, yeah, I hope u like it. Here is the mp3 too.


Pizza Party

Pizza Party is a command line program that allows you to order pizza. made with Michael Frumin.


Dooogle is a google hack which only returns information on Doogie Howser M.D.