2010, Jan, 31

Please update your links, I have a new site!

Hey All, So, I moved my site over to www.coryarcangel.com. I also have a new news feed which is here: http://www.coryarcangel.com/feed/atom Please update your feed settings, and don't forget to check out my new site. Thanks! Cory

2010, Jan, 12

Creative Pursuits & Master Class in Reverse

I gotta show I've titled "Creative Pursuits" opening up this Saturday, January 16, @ 6pm at the University of Michigan Art Museum . Im showing a bunch of new things,....some new Photoshop prints, op11, new & old game mods, ..... and last but not least I'll be showing the first 'sculpture' I ever made (which is "kinetic" by the way). U can see kinda what its all about from the "trailer" above.....except in Germany where apparently Billy Joel doesn't allow his music to be played on utube... ALso, there will be a performance the night of the opening in collaboration with the University of Michigan Digital Music Ensemble called Master Class in Reverse (in the Helmut Stern Auditorium, Free and open to the public). Seating is limited. Here is the blurb from UMMA:

Come experience this collaborative, improvisational performance between Brooklyn-based artist and musician Cory Arcangel and the University of Michigan Digital Music Ensemble. Marking the opening of Arcangel's solo exhibition at UMMA, this program will involve Arcangel and the audience experiencing and experimenting with a number of interactive, sound-producing objects created and displayed by the Digital Music Ensemble. The performance will be completely unscripted and the 'instruments' will remain a mystery to Arcangel and the public at large until the show begins.

note: So basically its a totally improv'd perfomance with a bunch of instruments I have never seen before. There is a high probabilty it will be a total disaster (but that's kinda the idea). I am looking forward to it

To Recap:

University of Mighican Museum of Art: Helmut Stern Auditorium
a NEW premiere performance... Jan 16th @ 8 PM
University of Mighican Museum of Art

University of Mighican Museum of Art: Project Gallery
an art show
January 16 through April 11, 2010, Reception --> January 16, 6-8pm. additional info here

ps - Also there is an "artist walkthrough" of the show at 130pm on Sunday.........
pps - I just realized it's the University of Michigan Museum of Art, and not the University of Michigan Art Museum, so please note that wherever I've screwed it up.....

2009, Dec, 16

Digital Folklore

Internet experts DRX and OLIA, have released a new book(!!!!), The Digital Folklore Reader. UPDATE: I'm such a moron that when I posted this yesterday, I forgot the link. One more time, its HERE.

The book features works and texts by me, Julia Boger, Manuel Buerger, Helene Dams, Dragan Espenschied, Jorg Frohnmayer, Mark Grimm, Christopher Heller, Yunchul Kim, Dennis Knopf, Stefan Krappitz, Florian Kroner, Tobias Leingruber, Olia Lialina, Leo Merz, Bernadette Neuroth, o+ro, johannes p osterhoff, Isabel Pettinato, Michael Rub, Theo Seemann, Alexander Schlegel, Bert Schutzbach, and Siegfried Zielinsky.

Here is a bit of text from the book:

Users' endeavors, like glittering star backgrounds, photos of cute kittens and rainbow gradients, are mostly derided as kitsch or in the most extreme cases, postulated as the end of culture itself. In fact this evolving vernacular, created by users for users, is the most important, beautiful and misunderstood language of new media.

Basically, if you r a geocities, or ASCII art, or BLINK, or marquee freak, this book is 4 u. The Internet is a wonderful place, and DRX and OLIA have tried to articulate this in the most archival form known to man .....the book. So in 2000 years people will still be able to read about the things that were once in the land called Anglefire. Christmas tree's all across the world need this!!!!!.

2009, Nov, 18

Lisson Presents 7 & op11 in Salzburg

So, if your in London please stop by the Lisson Gallery. I have done a thing there called "Lisson Presents" which is a series they have where they invite people to rummage through their archives and show what ever catches their eye. Since Lisson at one time or another has shown a ton of my all time fav artists, this was pretty fun. Works by Stephen Willats (a work from the 60's as well as a new commission!!!!!), John Armleder, Ceal Foyer, Daniel Buren, Art and Language, & Rodney and Dan Graham.....ps - a few of my things will be on show as well. UPDATE picts here. Also, note from the 27th on, my video, Drei Klavierstucke op. 11 is gonna be on show in Salzburg at Ropac gallery. Of course you can watch it here, but Austria is an equally appropriate place as well. I would encourage both! More info here.

2009, Oct, 10

Random Oct 09

There are some recent shows where I am presenting some of my projects,.....if u r near please check them out: UAM @ California State University, Long Beach, Insiders @ CAPC - Musee d'Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, and Infinitesimal Eternity @ Yale (ps - they have also made a great looking PDF catalog of the show here).

Update: Also Bomb just posted an conversation I had with my teacher / friend Pauline Oliveros here.

2009, Sep, 08

Continuous Partial Awareness Video

So, Rhizome has posted a video of my performance I did @ the New Museum last fall (above). It's kinda funny, though since its an hour long (....way to long in Internet land) the PDF version of the performance is here. Also, for whatever reason if you are the type of person who prefers bootlegs, see 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.

2009, Aug, 26

Depreciated at Montevideo

I am happy to say that this Friday at 1700 hours, I have a show opening at the Netherlands Media Art Institute aka Montevideo. The show (named Depreciated) has stuff I made from the last 7 years, and is the first time I put alot of this stuff together at once. More info here. ps - there is an interview with me here as well.

2009, Aug, 25

Deterioration, they said

Im an "insert" (showing just one piece......my vid A Couple Thousand Short Films About Glenn Gould) in a fun show called "Deterioration, they said" at the Migros Museum opening on the 28th! If your in Zurich check it out.....UPDATE: my new vid Drei Klavierstucke will be shown on Sept 5 as a "sit down" video screening.

2009, Jul, 26

Schoenberg vs Cats

As promised (to the 3 people who actually keep up with this site), I am pleased to present on "the Internet" my new video Drei Klavierstucke op. 11,......You can watch it and read about it here.

ps - If you wanna see it in person, its up at Kunsthaus Graz, and at Team Gallery in NYC.... I would encourage seeing it both ways....

2009, Jul, 03

Random July 09

After spending a few years playing my Glockenspiel all over the place, I deicded it was time for a change and that I would go electric. Therefore I am pleased to present the performance (above) I did at Kunsthaus Graz last month (which is a response to this John Denver video)...more coming soon, I promise(!)....also, at the moment you can see some new(ish) things of mine at Team Gallery, at Space in Pittsburgh, and an older thing at the Tate in Liverpool....

2009, Jun, 03

Rock - Paper - Scissors

So, ... Im happy to report that a new video (Ive spent the last 3 months working on) will premiere on the 5th in a show at Kunsthaus Graz called Rock - Paper - Scissors. Ill also upload the vid on "the net" shortly thereafter, so dont fret if you cant get to Austria .......... Ps - Ill also be doing a performance at the opening (see idea #5 from this pdf for more info). Also performing will be the Red Krayola and Kim Gordon & Jutta Koether.

UPDATE: Bootleg of my performance here.

2009, May, 21


Those that know me, know I love the web, and especially viral web trash. So, on this note, I am pleased to report that for the next little while, Ill be a guest "blogger" at Buzzfeed. Im not sure where Ill go with this yet, as I am still experimenting, or how exactly it will differ from my hot links and utube favs, but I am excited to be trying this out. My buzzfeed "blog" is located here FYI.

2009, May, 03

Public Art Fund Lecture

Ill be talking about my work this Wednesday in the Public Art Fund's lecture series (http://http://www.publicartfund.org/).......Im gonna be talking about some older stuff and also i plan to spend quite a bit of time talking about a few "in progress" things...here is the info.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
6:30pm - 8:00pm
John Tishman Auditorium at The New School
66 West 12th Street
New York, NY
Tickets: $5, $3 for seniors, FREE for students with valid ID
Phone: 2129803942

2009, May, 03

Glockenspiel in Rome

Rome! This Friday! The Euro premiere of the COMPLETE Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Glockenspiel Addendum! as part of the Dissonanze (http://www.dissonanze.it/) festival......curated by Nero magazine....(http://neromagazine.it/)

h.6.30-23 pm

Fergadelic (dj-set) & Cory Arcangel (me) (performance)

2009, Apr, 27

Random Stuff April

A few random things going on,.................u can see some stuff of mine (a new Photoshop gradient as seen above, and as plasma burn) at the New Museum in NYC (http://www.newmuseum.org) in a show called "Younger than Jesus", also, if you are Miami, please check MOCA Miami (http://www.mocanomi.org) cause I have my infinite compressing video which still doesn't havnt a title, but is done after Alvin Lucier showing there in a show called "Abstract Cinema and Technology". And last but not least, if you are in Korea, please see a show called "The First Stop on the Super Highway" cause my 2 hour vid "Video Painting" is looping there till MAy at the Nam June Paik Art Center (http://www.njpartcenter.kr).


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