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Hi, welcome to my page. Please excuse the mess!!@@@ I am fixing some stuff up, so hopefully soon this site will work....though if u r here, u might be looking for this Things I Made, News, Hot Links, Store

YouTube - Ernie and Bert go BRUTAL once again, welcome to the very very wonderful world of memes (thx tyler)....and good excuse to add the tag "bast beat" to you delicious.

YouTube - Linkin Park @ Apple Store Soho, NYC 2/21/08 this is funny

alt.vinyl for rare and deleted vinyl records

Researchers Find Way to Steal Encrypted Data - New York Times this is totally gangster

YouTube - Usher-Dot Com --> via charles

F.A.T. » Blog Archive » Flash-Movies aren’t Net Art thx tracky, flash movie are not net art! btw, flash is the new HTML. im serious. .....

Clinton Donors Worried by Campaign’s Spending - New York Times $1,200 on Dunkin Donuts runs. nice!!

Scott Klarr >> Programming + Linux + Computers print all of these out and save youself some googling

Tiling more more more

1st page of animated backgrounds link to first animated gif backgound page??????

File Destructor 2.0 - Hype Magazine wonderful

YouTube - Guns n Roses - Garden of Eden Guns N Roses anticipate the "busta rhymes" era

Pitchfork Feature: Interview: Atlas Sound meeting pauline oliveros will change anybody's life

Celtic Frost - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia idea: someone should create a page for actual "celtic frost".

Matt Mullican 2004 at Mai 36 Galerie Zurich see "DEFAULT ATMOSPHERES"
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