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GameScapes Italy- Nov 2006

GameScenes. Art in the Age of Videogames is the first volume entirely dedicated to Game Art. Edited by Matteo Bittanti and Domenico Quaranta, GameScenes. Art in the Age of Videogames provides a detailed overview of the emerging field of Game Art, examining the complex interaction and intersection of art and videogames....(translation ---> Super Mario Movie is in Italy!!!)

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The Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Glockenspiel Addendum - 24.95$$

Available NOW!!!! 24.95$ (plus shipping). LIMITED EDITION of 300!!! SIGNED. This 12inch vinyl LP contains glockenspiel parts that I composed for the tracks on Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" LP that do not already contain the glockenspiel (Tenth Ave Freeze Out, Backstreets, She's The One, Meeting Across The River and Jungleland). The rest of the record is silence, therefore it can be played at the same time as the original Bruce LP and will match up perfectly. Read about it on pitchfork here!...AWESOME. other things to note: the cover and back are handsilkscreened by kayrock.org, and even the bands of silence on the vinyl itself are an exact visual match to the original (no small feat i might add).....also note for those who were having trouble, you can order more then one now, i fixed the form....mp3s are coming to the web soon. hold tight...

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NES Landscape Posters!! -- 19.95!!!

Availbale now!!!!!!!!!! 36inch by 24inch glossy movie billboard style NES Landscape Posters from my project where I took apart f1racer. Only 19.95$ !!!....signed!!!!!!

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A Conversation with Olia Lialina - Nov 2006
This is unrelated to me, but on Thursday u should check out: A Conversation with Olia Lialina, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, 601 W 26th Street, Suite 1240, November 2, 2006, 6:30pm ----> Participants include: Olia Lialina and Caitlin Jones....cause olia was making awesome internet stuff before you were even on the internet. :)

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Sweet 16 @ Solvent Space - Nov 2006

I am exhibiting my new video "Sweet 16" at the Solvent Space Gallery in Richmond VA. The show will be up from Nov 3rd to Dec 22nd. The opening is this Friday (Nov 3rd) 6-8. Ill be there and I will also be performing excerpts from my new record The Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Glockenspiel Addendum so maybe c u there.....

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Team Gallery Soho Install video Sept 2006

Bennett made a nice video of my installation at Team Gallery.....(YES it is still up....you got till the 4th to see it.....) Team Gallery 83 Grand Street, between Wooster and Greene...and if you are wondering who made the awesome song, it is by Thomas Van Buskirk.... ... .

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Vertex List
...I performing at Paul Slocum's opening tonight at Vertex List @ 9pm....ps - If you are wondering,...Ill be performing a selection from my new composition for solo Glockenspiel titled The Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" Glockenspeil Addendum.....

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Anthology Program - Oct 2006

Untitled Translation Exercise

a feature - length program

Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Ave. at 2nd Street
THUR OCT 5, 8pm (doors open at 7:30)

ps - totally unrelated, Caitlin Jones has curated a show called On and Off the same night which has some of my all time favorite internet artists in it, so that's here and from 6 - 8, so i recommend getting a cab across town cause thats also worth it :)...

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Team Gallery Soho Opening! Sept 2006

So, Ive been pretty quiet for about the last 4 - 5 months,...no new projects posted to the web, ... even my delicious linking fell off ... well that's cause I have been working on an art show I have opening this Friday :-) the show is called "subtractions, modifications, addenda, and other recent contributions to participatory culture". I am happy to be opening Team's NEW SOHO GALLERY!! There are some new videos, a few computer hacks, and even a 12inch vinyl record. Source code for the projects will appear here eventually, but for now there is just a real world version. So please come and check it out. Here are the details:

Team Gallery
83 Grand Street, between Wooster and Greene
Friday, September 29, 6:00PM - 8:00PM

and here is the press release.

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Time Frame at Ps1

I am in a show at Ps1 in Queens called Time Frame, curated by Neville Wakefield, ... the opening is the 25th. It also features the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Nancy Holt, Roni Horn, Paul Pfeiffer, John Pilson, Thiago Rocha Pitta, Robert Smithson, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Andy Warhol so CHECK IT.

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Horizontal Rule Museum in Progress Collaboration

In collaboration with Galerie Lisa Ruyter and the museum in progress, I have placed a horizontal rule of gif smilies onto the Wein & Co building in Vienna...check it if you are near.....

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My Friends Electric
Check out http://www.thousandsofcolors.com/2006/06/my_friends_electric.html,an online art show by Michael Connor, im in it......also go cause Michael is RE-ENACTING my Friendster suicide. Awesome.

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Kurt Cobain's Suicide Letter vs. Google AdSence

Recently I made a webpage which pairs the text from Kurt Cobain's suicide letter up with Google Ads. Here is the result...ps - google ads are genereated from the text of the page they appear on...

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Don't Touch My Computer Home Users Guide - March 2006

Here is the home users guide for my show at Thaddaeus Ropac gallery in Paris. Basically it is a document which describes how / why I made the work I put in the show. If you cant see the show, it might still be worth reading if you want to keep up with what I am doing (though eventually i'll RSS each work in the 2006 section of the site)....If you are nerd (of course I mean that in the positive sense) and want to try to make one of the works you will also need to download the files here. Sorry 4 the delay, I had 2 (not 1, but 2!) laptops fail in the last week, so I am just getting on my feet now. !!!!!....for those wondering, i updated the files casue i learned someone had a problem with one of the files....

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a Bunch of Stuff - May 2006

Check out the "GIF show" in SF for a new gif I made (pictured above....), & Ocularis on Monday for The Super Mario Movie. Also, I am not in it, but Hanne (aka the better half of Kick_out_the_internet_jams) has curated "Take it to the Net" in London,...

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Site Update
for those wondering, i have been messing with this site,....i switched my web log software over to blosxom (thx Tim), because the other software i used would make hard links using really long strings of random numbers which kept me up at night. so after wrestling with Perl, CPAN, and LWP all day yesterday (thx barry), i finally got everything running!!...so yeah......though i did figure out how to keep the RSS feed at the same place NOW so everthing should be cool if you subscribed to the original location. rss.xml

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And / Or Gallery with Paper Rad - April 2005

The Mario Movie made with Paper Rad is up at @ And/Or gallery in Dallas run by Paul Slocum and Lauren Gray ... also our rarely seen "ever danced with garf" is showing......

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Don't Touch My Computer @ Gallerie Thaddaeus Ropac - Feb 2006

I have a show of new stuff at Thaddaeus Ropac gallery in Paris. The opening is the 23rd (7ish), and I will also be doing a performance on Friday the 24th at 7pm. The show includes 3 things, a taken apart war game called Mig-29 Fighter and Clouds (seen above), a new video called "Colors" (hard to explain,...involves the movie Colors with Sean Penn, Robert Duvall,.....), and also a new thing called "Old Friends" (yep, a hack of the Simon and Garfunkel Live at Central Park DVD, reagganged with new chapter markers)......ANYWAY, but the real point of the show is that all 3 works are digitally dup-able so check back here in a few days, cause I am going to upload the "Don't Touch My Computer Home Users Guide" a PDF I made on how to recreate all the works in the show...awesome, maybe cu there!.........

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"I heart Garfunkel" @ the Temple Gallery Philly - Jan 06

Since I already did my NEW lecture in Philly 4 the opening of the Space1026 show in Nov, I will be doing an encore of my Simon and Garfunkel lecture [today!!!! MONDAY the 23rd] at Temple Gallery. This is the last time I will ever do this................so check it! 6pm, FREE, Arden Theatre Company, 45 N. 2nd St., 215-922-1122.

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Starbucks Center of Garvity
Spurred on by a discussion on Kottke.org, I decided it would be interesting to find out what the Starbucks Center of Gravity in Manhattan is (note: On kottke they are looking for density, not center of gravity which I thought was more fun...). What does "center of gravity" mean? Well, it means the exact place you can stand in Manhattan and be closest to ALL Starbucks. As if every single Starbucks was pulling you equally in its direction, this is the place where u could stand to feel the most Starbucks power...and not just within a few blocks radius, but for the whole Island! Think of it like being at the North Pole for overpriced coffee...The power center / death star if you will allow me to go that far....

So let me explain how this was calculated and also I am going to give shout outs to the many people who helped me on this. First, Starbucks locations were data mined off of their website, and an excel spreadsheet of these addressees was constructed (note this was done this summer so there are prolly a few more now...sorry...). You can download that here (thx for my sister Jamie and Charles Harlan for help with this). Then these (thx to Jon Levy for this) were fed into fancy mapping software and Lat and Lon points were calculated . If you are a nerd and are really wondering that the Latitude and Longitude points for the Starbucks in Manhattan is, here are those!!!:

-74.01317, 40.70456
-74.01138, 40.70782
-74.00713, 40.70541
-74.01161, 40.70894
-73.9987, 40.69628
-74.00848, 40.70906
-74.00739, 40.7089
-74.00928, 40.71102
-74.01043, 40.71007
-74.01197, 40.7108
-74.01346, 40.7152
-74.00708, 40.7158
-74.01084, 40.71
-74.00515, 40.71713
-73.99995, 40.71858
-74.0037, 40.7182
-73.99749, 40.72299
-74.00557, 40.72409
-73.99511, 40.72778
-74.00662, 40.7338
-74.00256, 40.73089
-73.9971, 40.73235
-73.99888, 40.73422
-73.99727, 40.73728
-73.9894, 40.72945
-74.00193, 40.73876
-74.00297, 40.74046
-73.98534, 40.73715
-73.99372, 40.74215
-73.98857, 40.73842
-73.9994, 40.74404
-73.99156, 40.74511
-73.98107, 40.73976
-73.98711, 40.74537
-73.98386, 40.74423
-73.97949, 40.74123
-73.99494, 40.74529
-73.99681, 40.75047
-73.98786, 40.74344
-73.98942, 40.75062
-73.98522, 40.74355
-73.99029, 40.75179
-73.99641, 40.75361
-73.99321, 40.75284
-73.98159, 40.74813
-74.0036, 40.75653
-73.97701, 40.75064
-73.97512, 40.75039
-73.98009, 40.75224
-73.99385, 40.75285
-73.97942, 40.75333
-73.98128, 40.75134
-73.97658, 40.74926
-73.98143, 40.75125
-73.98847, 40.75674
-73.97758, 40.75071
-73.99253, 40.75876
-73.98989, 40.75554
-73.99689, 40.7602
-73.9859, 40.75555
-73.9859, 40.75555
-73.97489, 40.74905
-73.97616, 40.75009
-73.97761, 40.7536
-73.98756, 40.75484
-73.99294, 40.75889
-73.96868, 40.75511
-73.97251, 40.75675
-73.97069, 40.75644
-73.98365, 40.76079
-73.98734, 40.76201
-73.97757, 40.75905
-73.98641, 40.76054
-73.98418, 40.75966
-73.98124, 40.7619
-73.97646, 40.7605
-73.9879, 40.76102
-73.96964, 40.75918
-73.97608, 40.75858
-73.98508, 40.75904
-73.97709, 40.76014
-73.97838, 40.76398
-73.97433, 40.76374
-73.97391, 40.76402
-73.97898, 40.76509
-73.98368, 40.76698
-73.96162, 40.76058
-73.98494, 40.76915
-73.98232, 40.76913
-73.96623, 40.76343
-73.98213, 40.77357
-73.96245, 40.76857
-73.9573, 40.7673
-73.95956, 40.76754
-73.9813, 40.77502
-73.98399, 40.76888
-73.9623, 40.7716
-73.977, 40.77999
-73.98133, 40.77852
-73.95437, 40.77418
-73.95438, 40.77474
-73.97692, 40.77994
-73.98194, 40.78242
-73.95762, 40.77496
-73.95263, 40.77353
-73.95978, 40.78314
-73.97228, 40.78391
-73.95266, 40.78205
-73.95385, 40.78006
-73.95421, 40.78723
-73.97367, 40.7923
-73.96921, 40.79669
-73.96634, 40.80477
-73.96426, 40.80803
-73.94473, 40.80748
-73.9356, 40.85106
-73.98534, 40.73715
-74.00041, 40.74302
-73.97692, 40.77747
-73.98003, 40.75469

Then, these were averaged (thx for Michael Frumin and Jonathan Levy again! for help on this), and THUS WE HAVE THE CENTER OF GRAVITY which turns out to be here:

somewhere between 5th and 6th, in between 39th and 40th which looks like this ------>

So that's that. Just one more piece of information to clog up the internet 4 ya...

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Microtel 2005

Paul and Emma are doing a teletext TV station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......they are asking for submissions! so dont sleep on it!...above is one of the submissions (by paul davis himself!)....

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Best in the Internet 2005

my friend michael bell smith and I asked our fav world wide web users to let us know what their favorite sites were from this year......here is what they said

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Space 1026 pictures - Nov 2005
In case you were wondering what the BEIGE show at Space1026 looked like, here are some picts. Click on the thumbs for a higher-rez version.......
Roll 31 - 2 Roll 31 - 1 Roll 31 - 5 Roll 34 - 4 Roll 35 - 1 Roll 35 - 3 Roll 35 - 5 Roll 36 - 3 Roll 36 - 4 Roll 37 - 1 Roll 37 - 3 Roll 38 - 2 Roll 38 - 1 Roll 29 - 3 Roll 38 - 4

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Breaking and Entering at PaceWildenstein - Dec 2005

I am in a group show at PaceWildenstein gallery which opening this Friday. I am showing 2 new works. One called Mig-29 fighter and clouds, and also one called Bomb Iraq (a homemade video game / animation I found on a computer I found at the salvation army in Buffalo a few years back).....this last one can be seen above. No Joke, I didnt make it, BUT TOTALLY FOUND IT! woah.................

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Friendster Suicide LIVE IN PERSON - Dec 2005

Dear Internet,

I am writing this to announce that I am going to commit "Friendster Suicide" on Thursday, ---> aka. delete my Friendster account. Yep, I just can't take it anymore. To my Friendsters, I'm sorry, ... c u on the net.

I am gonna do this as part of the launch of the Dec/Jan issue of the magazine "The Believer" @ ps1 on Thursday. The event starts at 6pm and also will feature lectures and talking by other people like Eric Fischl, Matthew Ronay and Lori Barbara.....for more info click here.

So yeah, if you want to see this live, please come, and if you want to watch the performance at home (yes, ... this is an Internet performance, remember that concept???? LOL!), Friendster me sometime before then, and around 8:40 EST on Thursday(ish), I assume if you keep reloading your browser window on Friendster, I think I will simply disappear from your friend list. Got it? Awesome. C U there, ... kinda.

l88888888r, Cory

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Simon and Garfunkel "Live @ Central Park" DVD timecode for all the places where a liberal reading could indicate tension between Simon and Garfunkel

Simon forces a smile for the audience after shaking Garfunkel's hand.

Garfunkel sings while Simon's back is turned to him, a gesture which can be seen as oddly aggressive.

Garfunkel points somewhere offstage, and Simon gives him that "what the f#ck r u doing" look.

Garfunkel spaces out on the side of the stage with nothing to do while Simon sings his solo material.

Garfunkel pretends he knows the words to Paul's solo material.

Simon and Garfunkel bicker.

The bickering continues, Garfunkel tries to get in the last word, Simon laughingly sneers off Garfunkel's request (whatever it was)...

Garfunkel attempts interest in Simon's solo material, but can't even seem to raise enough enthusiasm to clap on time to the beat....

Garfunkel spaces out on the side of the stage...again....

Garfunkel puttering about on stage with nothing to do during Simon's solo material....again....

Garfunkel messes up on the first verse of "The Boxer", Simon with a quick double take and roll of his eyes lets him know he f$%ked up.

Simon and Garfunkel, a cold embrace with no eye contact. Possible interpretation: "Lets just get through this".

For the curtain call, Simon motions to hug Garfunkel, Garfunkel resists, replies with "pat on back".

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JIHUI - Thur 17th - Nov 2005

I will be talking about my recent work @ JIHUI on Thursday the 17th @ 6pm...... Chelsea Art Museum, 3rd fl., 556 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011

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Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth - Tuesday Evenings - Nov 2005

I will be talking about my recent work @ the Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth Texason Tuesday the 8th @ 7pm.......so yeah, c u there!...

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Data Diaries at The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art - Nov 2005

Data Diaries is showing at @ the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art this month,....in the show "Moving Pictures"...also stuff by Paul Slocum is there too! awesome.

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320 by 200: DA SHOW @ SPACe 1026

Yep....this friday is the opening of "BEIGE: 320 by 200: DA SHOW" a show of work by everyone in the Beige Programming Ensemble! at Space 1026 in Philly --> Aka: cORY aRCANGEL (me), jOE bEUCKMAN, jOSEPH bONN, AND pAUL b. dAVIS. Opening 6pm. I'm showing the Mario Movie, Paul B. Davis is showing a new series of "Fantasy Mixtapes" which are mixtapes made by fantasy Djs (Al-Acid Martyrs Brigade, J. Paul Geddy Lee, and The High Jacker) that he has made along with prints of the cassette covers, Joseph Bonn is showing a series of ASCII prints "featuring portraits of b-grade celebrities underscored by subliminal and cultural cross-references", and Joe Beuckman is showing some of his amazing beadwork. Also, I'm gonna be doing my new "Lost in Paradise" lecture (an in depth comparision of Guns n Roses drummers Steven Adler, and Matt Sorum) at 7:30pm, and if it sucks, it might be the first and last time I ever do it, so that's all the reason more to visit the opening if you are near philly!!! ps - the show runs until the last Saturday in Nov. Space 1026 hours are 12-10pm, ring the bell.....

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Space Invader

This is a mod of the Atari game Space Invaders which has been turned into Space Invader (note: its no longer plural...thus the white out over the last "s" on the cartridge) --> all the invaders have been erased except one. Here is the Atari ROM which you can run in your Atari emulator that was hacked together by RSG.

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The Early Show @ White Columns

My sister Jamie and I's video we make when we were pre-teen (ish) called "Insectiside" (and also sometimes called "Hanging from the Gallows") is showing in the Early Show at White Columns in NY curated by The General Store! Def stop by, the idea is that there is work made by a bunch of artists when they were young!!! The other reason to stop by is this is the best video I have ever been involved in.....

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Icons From the 13th to the 21st Century and Back Again - Oct 05

I am doing a hands on computer workshop @ the Guggenheim on Sat the 22nd,.........we will be learning a bit about Russian Icon paintings and then I will be giving some hints and tips on making your own icons for your presonal computer!!! It is an all ages workshop ($10,....$7 for members, seniors and students,....)

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Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast" compressed over and over as an mp3 666 times.

If you have ever wondered what Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast" would sound like compressed over and over as an mp3 666 times...here's your chance...click here to download...and if u r wondering, YES, it does lose quality each time it is compressed. Here is the perl source code to do this yourself!!! You'll need the "normalize" binary, and also the "lame" decoder....

ps - If u like this project, don't forget to study up on your old school and check out Alvin Lucier's "I am Sitting in a Room".

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Support Rhizome.org.....

I have made some marker and crayon drawings for Rhizome.org's fundraising drive. The drawings are the cover to a CD-ROM which contains whatever was in my work folder for my F1 racing mod...which means source code, but also work files, notes, scraps, ... it is just basically a snapshop of my studio (aka hard drive) while making that project (you get to see how messy I am)...if you donate to rhizome, you also get one of my posters too as a bonus!!!...both are signed....

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F1 Racer Mod (Japanese Driving Game)

This is a simple mod I did of the old Japanese famicom driving game F1 Racer. Basically I just took out the game, cars, etc, and left the road. You can download the NES ROM to run in your emulator here, and the source code here note: you will need both nesasm, and nbasic to compile this rom ...I have written a small perl compile script 4 u also, I use mac osx and this all works fine, for other operating systems, I would warn u might need to tinker a bit....thanks.....

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I am going to be performaing in Oslo Norway on Friday @ the show WILLY WONKA INC. Check the press release here.

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Beach Boys / Geto Boys

So yeah, I have finally gotten around to posting this mash up of the Beach Boys "Little Surfer Girl" and the Geto Boys "6-feet deep" I made last year for a permiere at the MOMA. It is just one of a bunch of backlogged things I made last year that I will be posting to the web when I have time....

Note: You have to watch for about a minute before the beach boys show up...I did this so the key change in the Beach Boys song would line up with the third verse of the Geto Boys song...(ps - the Beach Boys song is super short and Brian Wilson for some reason modulates little surfer girl up a whole step 3/4's of way through...totally weird, but it works) .... Yeah, yeah, also I know mash-ups were cool like 5 years ago, and already had a Vh1 show like 3 years ago, so I added some constraints. I wanted 2 see if I could go for the trifecta of mash-ups. Meaning, the two bands had to have a common name, the video has to be interesting even with no prior knowlege of the 2 bands, + I could't cut the videos or the music to make them fit together, they had to be played next to each other,...Becides this, the music had to sound good...So, yeah, I hope u like it. Here is the mp3 too.

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Slim Thug Status Bot

RSG and I wrote a bot that lets you know if Slim Thug's album "Already Platinum" has gone platinum yet.......AIM "SlimThugPlatinum" and try it yourself....NOTE: you have to add "SlimThugPlatinum" to your buddies first.(also spcl thx to michael bell smith)...ps - i had to take this offline cause it was burning up server and taking up like 99% of the processor. I think it cause got in a bot loop with anohter bot. ha ha ha ha ha ha....!!!!

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Super Mario Clouds - 2005 rewrite

In 2002 (or was it 2003, hmmm?), I posted a tutorial on the Internet about a project I made called "Super Mario Clouds". In this work, I took an old Super Mario Brothers Nintendo video game and erased everything but the clouds. This project was very much in the line of the stuff various BEIGE representitives (Paul, Joe, + Joe) were doing then. Anyway, after many years, I got alot of emails about this page, and realized there were some things I could have written better. Plus, I ended up changing the code cause my laptop was stolden (and the code along with it). So, I have redone this page below. In section 1 is the source code with commentary, and in section 2 is alittle tutorial on how to make your own version of this cartridge if u aren't afraid of soldering irons...before we get started, if you want all the good stuff here it is: the ROM for this is here, and the source code is here. If you are just interested in learning how to make your own version, scroll down to section 2.

: )



Below I will go through the source code line by line. To compile this code you will need dasm and nbasic. nbasic is a small assembly wrapper for the Nintendo. The idea here is to simply write a program that will take the clouds from Mario Brothers and scroll them across the screen. Here comes the first line of code:

; Super Mario Clouds
; BEIGE 2002-5 - Cory Arcangel
; http://www.post-data.org/beige/
; http://www.beigerecords.com/cory/
; http://del.icio.us/cory_arcangel/
; "you mess with the best, you die like the rest" - Anon
; "punks jump up to get beat down" - Brand Nubian

When computer code is made public it is common for programmers to put contact information for a variety of reasons. Here I have also included a few small phrases aimed at media artists who think they can step to my style. This is a trait I inherited from the early commodore64 cracking scene. In this scene gangs of hackers would compete to crack video games (crack means to remove its copyright protection), and they would also make very elaborate video introductions in order to show off. These often contained disses at other competiting groups.

Before I get started with the code I would like to take this opportunity to state that I am not really a programmer. The first time I took a class in "computer science" was at a summer school when I was 8 or 9 years old and I remember crying and switching to the "storytelling" class. Years later in college I still didn't like computer science and got below 50% on most of my exams. I have since grown used to programming only because it is the mechanism that seems to make most of the world move. Believe me, if I could order Pizzas [dominos has a great online delivery mechanism....], by painting, I definitely would paint. For those interested, I have actually hacked the dominos pizza ordering system in a project called "pizza party" with help from my super-genius programming friend Michael Frumin. Google "pizza party", ... last time I checked it was the second result. So let get back on topic, the first line in this program that actually does anything is:


This program is written in a programming language called assembly. Assembly language is the lowest level someone can program. It is one step away from the ones and zeros, and in some cases involves actual ones and zeros. I tend to prefer assembly because it gives me control over the machine and assures me that aesthetic choices are based on the hardware of the machine and not, say, some dupe at Macromedia. The above line of code simply says we will be writing this program in assembly. The paticular brand of assembly we will be using is 6502 assembly. That is because the Nintendo runs on the 6502 microprocessor. The 6502 is the chip that made the Apple II possible and thus revolutionized home computing. The Nintendo runs on a modified version of this chip. It should not be suprising that the Nintendo and Apple run on the same processor because video game systems are really just home computers without disk drives.

.inesprg 2 ; 32k program memory
.ineschr 1 ; 8k chr graphics
.inesmir 1 ; standard mirroring
.inesmap 0 ; NROM mapper....aka no mapper...

.org $8000 ; 32 k cartridge

clouds_start: ; include cloud hex file
.dw clouds_start_addr
.incbin "clouds.hex"

I like the idea of making things out of trash [one can easily find an NES in a dumpster these days], and I like the idea of actually having to break into something that I find in the trash even better. The only way to make work for the NES is to hack and solder a cartridge. To do this, I will clip off the program chip from an actual Mario cartridge, burn my new information [the output of this code compiled] to a chip, and solder it in the place of the old one. Please see SECTION 2 of this tutorial for information on how to do this. The above lines basically set up our compiler and tell it that we would like this program to be for a chip which is 32k (the same as an old Super Mario Brothers chip), and also that we will later be working with a file called "clouds.hex", which is a data file of the clouds.

The next part of code tells the cartridge what to do when we press the reset button on the NES. This code is modified from a Canadian NES genius named Chris Covell, who apparently got it from Duck Hunt. Awesome. I learned to program in assembly language looking at examples of code posted by Chris Covell, and as with a lot of this 8-bit work, information comes mostly from a hobby scene. In my opinion these are the true hero's of contemporary computer art. Out of the hobby scene have come portable playstations, Dreamcasts that boot LINUX, and even hard drives that play music by spinning at different speeds.

start: ; clear memory


lda $2002
bpl .vblank_clear1

lda $2002
bpl .vblank_clear2

lda $2002
bpl .vblank_clear3


lda $2002
bpl .vblank_clear4

lda $2002
bpl .vblank_clear5

lda $2002
bpl .vblank_clear6

lda #$00
ldx #$00
sta $000,x
sta $100,x
sta $200,x
sta $300,x
sta $400,x
sta $500,x
sta $600,x
sta $700,x
bne .clear_out_ram

lda #$00
ldx #$00
sta $2000,x
sta $2100,x
sta $2200,x
sta $2300,x
sta $2400,x
sta $2500,x
sta $2600,x
sta $2700,x
sta $2800,x
sta $2900,x
sta $2a00,x
sta $2b00,x
sta $2c00,x
sta $2d00,x
sta $2e00,x
sta $2f00,x
bne .clear_out_sprites

ldx #$FF

jsr vwait
jsr vwait

Ever wonder why Mario and Zelda were little squares? The Nintendo can only display graphics in 8 pixel by 8 pixel squares, and can only hold 8k of graphics in total therefore Mario and Zelda were simply adhering to the hardware limitations of the Nintendo System. These two hardware limitations defined the aesthetic of most early 80's video games on the Nintendo, and making "art" for this system is a study of these limitations. Below I load up the color that this cartridge will use into the palette RAM. The Nintendo can only display 4 colors in any 8*8 square. For this cartridge I will use black, blue, light blue and white which translates to $od, $11, $21, $30 in the Nintendos palette.

;load palette

lda #$3F ; NES background palette location
sta $2006
lda #$00
sta $2006

lda #$21 ;background [powder blue]
sta $2007
lda #$30 ;cloud inside [white]
sta $2007
lda #$11 ; highlight [blue]
sta $2007
lda #$0d ;outline [black]
sta $2007

A typical NES Cartridge has two chips. One is a graphics chip, and the other is a program chip. Basically the program chip tells the graphics chip where to put the graphics, and thus if you do this in a interesting manner, you have a video game. When making a "Super Mario Clouds" cartridge, I only modify the program chip, and I leave the graphic chip from the original game intact. Therefore since I do not touch the graphics from the original cartridge, the clouds you see are the actual factory soldered clouds that come on the Mario cartridge. There is no generation loss, and no "copying" because I did not even have to make a copy. Wasss up.

The code below is where I load up the clouds. This references the file clouds.hex we pointed to earlier in the program.

;load name tables

array addr 2
set songloadloop 0

ldx #0
ldy #0

lda #2
sta songloadloop
lda clouds_start,y
sta addr,x
dec songloadloop
bne load_outcast

lda #$20
sta $2006
lda #$00
sta $2006


ldx #$08
ldy #$00

lda [addr],y
sta $2007
bne load_clouds
ldx #$01
inc addr,x
bne load_clouds

lda #$00
sta $2006
sta $2006 ;Reset PPU
sta $2005
sta $2005 ;Reset Scroll

For this cartridge I simply draw everything and then turn the screen on. The NES can not just draw a picture to the screen like a modern computer [in fact to make something that looks similar on a modern computer would take about 3 minutes in Photoshop ]. It is too slow for that, so in order to change backgrounds one has to turn the screen off, draw a new picture, and turn it back on again. This is why the screen goes black for a split second between worlds on most early NES games. I turn the screen on by placing a sequence of ones and zeros into a specific Nintendo memory location. One highlight of working in assembly language is being able to actually use ones and zeros. So yeah, above I just drew everything and below in the section "init graphic settings", I turn on the screen!

;init graphic settings

lda #%10011100
sta $2000
lda #%00001010
sta $2001

;set variables for scroll


set NTShow 0
set SCROLL 0


;loop forever....


jmp main


lda $2002
bpl vwait
lda $2002
bmi vwait2

That's it for the intro code. Now below I make it scroll

A TV works by drawing a picture faster than your eye can see every 1/60th of a second. [In Europe it is 1/50th] Every time this scan line gets to the bottom of the screen it has to jump back to the top. This is called a vertical blanking interrupt. The NES can only draw graphics to the screen when this line is jumping from the bottom of the screen to the top. Below is the code which scrolls the clouds during this period where the electron beam is jumping. A highlight of working on early game systems is this intimate access to the display machanism of the television.

;NMI Routine!!!! Very important!!!!!


bne .end_no_scroll

lda #$20

lda #$ff
cmp $24 ;scroll
beq .NT_adj
jmp .end


lda #$00
cmp NTShow
beq .Show_Zero

lda #%10011100
sta $2000
lda #%00001010
sta $2001

lda #$00
sta NTShow

jmp .end

lda #%10011101
sta $2000
lda #%00001010
sta $2001

lda #$01
sta NTShow


inc $24 ;scroll
lda $24 ;scroll
sta $2005
lda #$00
sta $2005





That's all the code. Now we just need to set the vector table appropriately. This tells the cartridge what to do when you put it in.

;Load Data Filez

.bank 3
.org $fffa
.dw nmi ;//NMI
.dw start ;//Reset
.dw irq ;//BRK
.bank 4
.org $0000
;//end of file

.incbin "mario.chr" ;gotta be 8192 bytes long


The end. The cartridge is complete. Not that bad. Actually programming for the NES is pretty simple. You can download this source code here. Also the complete NES ROM to run in an emulator. Now I would compile this program, and then burn it to a chip.


The process of making a NES cartridge was orginally taught to me by BEIGE member Paul B. Davis. In this section I will pass this technique on to you. Basically in short, the process will entail us taking apart an old Super Mario Brothers video game cartridge, desoldering one of the chips in the cartridge, and then soldering a new one in its place.

The first thing you will need to get is an original Super Mario Brothers cartridge. Not a "Duck Hunt+Mario Brothers" cartridge, but just a plain old Super Mario Brothers cartridge. Next you should unscrew the plastic back on the cartridge, and inside you will see a circut board like the one you see below. There are two chips on this board. The CHR chip, and the PRG chip. We are interested in the PRG chip for this project. Also please make sure the cartridge says NES-NROM-01 (01-05 in also fine). This let`s us know it is a 32k Nintendo circut board.

Next take some wire clippers and clip the legs of the PRG chip. I like to use the red clippers from Radioshack.

Once the legs are clipped you should be able to take the chip off like this.

The end of the legs will still be soldered to the circut board though.

Now, with a pair of wire holders, hold a leg that is still attached to the board. While you are holding it, touch it with a hot soldering iron. This will melt the solder that is keeping it attacked to the board. You should feel the leg losen, and you will be able to pull it out of the circut board. Do this for each leg.

Next, get some Desoldering Briad!

Put it over the holes in the circut board. Then place the soldering iron on the braid. This will make the solder heat up and the braid will suck it up.

When you are done, the holes in the circut board should look clean like this

Now you will need to solder a socket into the holes where the program chip used to be. You will need to buy 28 pin lowprofile sockets. You can get these form Jameco.com. This makes it so you can take the chip in and out of the socket with out resoldering. This isnt so necessary, but I always make mistakes, so it is kinda a precaution incase I need to make a new chip.

To solder, just touch the pin, and the solder at the same time, and you will see the soldering melt into the hole thus sealing the socket pin into the hole.

Now you can place a chip into the hole. The way you make these chips is by getting an EEPROM burner. It is like a CD burner, except for computer chips as oppoed to Cd`s. I would get one from Jameco. The kinda chip you will get is called a 27C256. This is a 32k EEPROM which is exactly the sameone the Nintendo used for cartridges like Mario Brothers. I would also get those from Jameco.com. Remember to make sure your EEPROM burner can burn type 27C256 chips! So once you have this, (or maybe a friend has one?), you can download the compiled 32k file from here and burn this data to the chip.

The next part is the easy part. Get a drill, drill some startholes into the front of the plastic cartridge. Then with your wire cutters you used earler, bore out the plastic. You need to do this cause the socket we used is too tall for the pastic case of the cartridge, so you need to drill out a hole so the new PRG chip can stick out.

Don`t forget to label it!

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Paris Hilton vs. Macaulay Culkin

Is it just me, or is some explanation in order?

*Note: Images have NOT been retouched,...only resized...

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kick_out_the_internet_jams new del.icio.us feed for August + Sept

When asked to contribute to the catalogue for with us against reality, or against us, Norwegian curator Hanne Mugaas and I decided to start an RSS feed called kick_out_the_internet_jams to run during the duration of the show with both of us contributing.....hope u enjoy!!!!!

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Beach Boys / Geto Boys + Data Diaries @ with us against reality, or against us, OSLO - August 05

I am showing Data Diaries and Beach Boys / Geto Boys(<------im upoading this one soon to this site,.....so if u want 2 c it, stop back.....) @ with us against reality, or against us in Oslo curated by Computer Princess...Above is the postcard image for the show by Computer Princess...

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"Paperrad + me" @ the Albright Knox - July 05

Paperrad and I r gonna do a performance at the Albright Knox on July 22nd as part of their summer friday night series of events. Sorry for the late notice, I forgot my laptop adaptor!

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Art Show @ Brandstrom + Stene Gallery Stockholm PICTURES - May 05
Here are some pictures from the show at Brandstrom + Stene Gallery in Stockholm

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Frankie + Cory @ General Store (Milwaukee) PICTURES - July 05

Here are some pictures and the card / flyer from Frankie Martin and I's show at the General Store in Milwaukee!! We showed 414-3-RAVE-95

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Frankie + Cory @ General Store (Milwaukee) - July 05
Frankie Martin and I are having a show at the General Store in Milwaukee!! Opens Sat!!! I will also be doing a short performance @ the opening.

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"Disco2.pct" desktop wallpaper

I make a desktop wall paper u can get at www.tokion.com....Note: Special thanks to lightning paint.

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"I heart Garfunkel" @ the Cartier Foundation - June 05

I am going to be doing a messy lecture / performance involving my slide from the Nintendo IPOD to my current obsession with Art Garfunkel at the Cartier Foundation on June 30th. Special thanks to Alan Vega who invited me. If you are lucky you might hear me do some of the show in schoolboy French!!!

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Data Diaries @ the New Museum - June 05

Data Diaries will be showing in the Rhizome Artbase show at the New Museum in New York.

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Sans Simon @ Cinevegas - June 05

Screening of Sans Simon @ Cinevegas in Las Vegas.

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also check it,...ive added a hot links section 2 the right on this site.... it is really just a mirror of my delicious links

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Site Update
for those wondering, i have been messing with this site,....i switched my web log software over to blosxom (thx Tim), because the other software i used would make hard links using really long strings of random numbers which kept me up at night. so after wrestling with Perl, CPAN, and LWP all day yesterday (thx barry), i finally got everything running!!...so yeah......though i did figure out how to keep the RSS feed at the same place NOW so everthing should be cool if you subscribed to the original location. rss.xml

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Contagious Media Showdown @ Eyebeam - May 05

As part of my work with the Contagious Media R + D Team at Eyebeam, I have helped put together this online competition of memes!!!!!!!!!! ....listen to the NPR story here , it has also been Slashdotted here, and kinda here (<---this is one of the projects) again...

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Art Show @ Brandstrom + Stene Gallery Stockholm - May 05
I have an art show here opening on May 26th and going until July 17th

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414-3-RAVE-95 @ Standard (OSLO) - May 05
Frankie Martin and I's 414-3-RAVE-95 is in a show in Oslo at Standard Art gallery, I will also be performing there on Sunday the 22nd of May!!!

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Nerdzone Version 1 @ The Migros Museum - April 05

This is a show I have at the Migros Museum in Zurich . Includes lotsa stuff like, Mario Clouds, I shot Andy Warhol, Space Invader, Data Diaries, Dooogle, 414-3-RAVe-95, etc, etc.......plus a cool new "landscape installation!"

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Welcome to my Artshow!!!!!!!!! @ Team Gallery - Jan 05

This was a show I had at Team Gallery in Jan 05. The press release here

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Sans Simon (NYUFF - Our Moms Are Friends Screening) @ Ocularis - May 05 Screening this weekend (May 30th)@ Ocularis of Sans Simon in a selected works from the New York Underground Film Festival. I will be out of town, but it will be performed live (thx aya + lauren!)

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Super Mario Movie @ Deitch Projcts - Jan 05

This was an artshow made with www.paperrad.org called SUPER MARIO MOVIE shown at Deitch Projects. Press release and images are avail here

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"I've got your Dawgs" @ the Swiss Institute - Jan 05

A messy lecture / performance I did with some Nintendo stuff, my debut Simon and Garfunkel routine, a Beach Boys vs Geto Boys video and also a director's commentary of the Mario Movie project I did with paperrad.org . Press Release is here, and a video is here.......

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Pizza Party

Pizza Party is a command line program that allows you to order pizza. made with Michael Frumin.

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www.dooogle.com is a google hack which only returns information on Doogie Howser M.D.

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Super Mario Movie

Here is The Super Mario Movie made with www.paperrad.org , a 15 minute movie made on a Mario Brothers cartridge. Source code is here , and the NES ROM is here . Pictures form the installation at Deitch Projects arehere

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HOT LINKS!!!! UPDATED (almost) daily, or at least when I surf the web alot.....

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Remember to check my e-commerce web STORE by clicking on this here hyperlinked text
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